Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Double Duty

Yesterday I had the day off... only a few more of these until the start of school so I figured I needed to take advantage.  I thought about going for a nice big mountain bike ride before the social ride that evening... but nothing jumped out at me as I didn't really want to do multiple laps to get miles...  Georgia had been neglected, I can't remember the last time I rode the roads... so there it was, my decision was made.

I don't know if it was the heat, the fact that I hadn't ridden the road in a while, or some combination of the two... but I was hurting.  To add to those two factors, I drank coffee prior to the ride.  No, I didn't have to make a potty break!  I don't typically drink a ton of coffee because the caffeine really does get me jittery, leaving me feeling a little weak with jello legs.  It was no different under effort.  Not exactly a desired state to be in on a road bike... jittery, jello legs, with cold sweats ON TOP of the hot sweats from the heat... it was bizarre so I had to stop and eat something to try to get me out of the mess of a state I was in.  

Luckily, after my stop, and a quick pep talk from my coach, I was feeling refreshed and powered on.

Strategerizing with my Coach.
I had some good efforts left in my legs and ended up enjoying the ride as I got further into the country roads.  I stopped again for a water refill.  I think I started the ride under hydrated (with the coffee not helping) and was playing catch up throughout the day.  In fact, I'm still trying to recover as I down glass after glass of water this morning.  Remember kiddos, Hydrate The F Up!

When I got home from my road adventures I could feel the cramps coming on.  So I quickly got to downing some post ride potions.  I had my half milk/half water protein shake.  Finished another bottle of water.  And a tablespoon of mustard for good measure.  As soon as I had the mustard all threat of cramps vanished.  It's absolute magic I tell you!

Then it was time to stop sweating and wait for the group ride.  I could still feel the toll in my legs so I was glad it was a social ride.  Still a bit of slippage in the EBB (although maybe not as bad) so it looks like I'll give the Glow Worm a nice cleaning today and dismantle it in preparation for a new arrival.

The idea was bikes, beers, and burritos.  Instead we ended up eating italian... yeah I know, weird.  BUT, thanks to the culinary misadventure I now know where in Charlotte all the pimps go for their cleaning needs.  Yes.  I said pimps.

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