Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bad, The Ugly, and The Good

On to The Bad.

I guess in the bike world The Bad and The Ugly are pretty close, so I have to draw a line and divide a couple things here.  The Bad will end up revolving around mechanical stuff... always fun.

I already talked about the creak, which I believed (hoped) was saddle related.  Well, on my ride Sunday I discovered it wasn't all about the saddle, there was still some creaking going on.  My worst fear - headset related.  My more hopeful (and likely?) culprit are the carbon spacers... I removed spacers, gave them a little love, and replaced - we shall see if that works.  I also gave the QR on the front wheel a bit of attention as the internerds said that could be a culprit as well.

While out on the ride on Sunday I also noticed that I had a broken bottle cage.  Doesn't sound soooo bad, right?  Well, it is.  Because it was the bottom of the cage that was broken, my bottle was rubbing my frame in two spots... now I have two tiny rub spots on the Glow Worm.  YIKES!  (I used the touch up paint provided by Niner, but it is a bit darker than actual paint on the frame) I was going to go back to the store I bought said cage and try to get it replaced after my ride, but something else happened that prevented that action.  Details on that fall under The Ugly category, but one more mechanical issue came out of it...  let's just say I had a little spill on the bike.

I thought the Glow Worm made it out unscathed upon inspection in the field.

But as I was tracking down the creak yesterday, and playing with the carbon spacers, I stumbled upon another problem - my front brake rotor is bent.  Hopefully it's something that can be bent back; that will be the task for today.  I wasn't able to tackle it yesterday because our internerds decided to randomly stop working so I had to jump into the time suck that is "fixing" (messing around until it works again) internerd service.

Tonight is the weekly social ride, but with the weather being the way that it has been it might be an urban ride.  Even so, the details of The Ugly (coming tomorrow) might force me to sit this one out.

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