Monday, September 30, 2013

Time for a review

I've pretty much been a water guy while riding. It was a simple choice back in the days when I was riding with a camelbak. It continued as I transitioned to bottles.  Most of the time I didn't think my rides were long enough to necessitate me thinking about hydration, or really nutrition. You see, I've been pretty bad about treating myself right on the bike.

I'd always carry some sort of nutrition on my rides, but typically only reaching for it when I started to bonk. Basically, too late. Sure it would give me enough to get out of a trail, but I wasn't being an effective rider that way. On planned longer rides I have played around with different hydration options and have always been pretty pleased with increased performance; who knew this stuff was actually important?

With a new goal, the snake creek gap time trial, on the horizon; things have got to change. I was in the LBS one day stocking up for a ride out in Dupont when I stumbled upon Osmo. I grabbed a few single serves and was hooked. 

Flavor wise, it's spot on for me. There is no overpowering sweetness, just a smooth mild flavor, enough to tickle your taste buds but not bog down the hydration process. I know that first ride wasn't a huge epic ride, or a torturous death march, but sipping on Osmo for the first time had me feeling fresh all day. 

Ok, that kinda sounded like a feminine product line, but this stuff is legit. I've been using it on my training rides, and when used properly I've seen/felt great results. Basically, my legs seem to maintain more energy deeper into my rides - that certainly is a good thing!

Down at the Southern Singlespeed Championships I put Osmo to the test. Probably not the type of test conditions they would set up, but it is a real life testament to the effectiveness of their product. Disclaimer: the Southern Singlespeed Championships were hosted by the Faster Mustache crew and sponsored by (one of many sponsors, but germaine to this test) Terrapin Beer Company. Testing conditions: a bunch of singlespeeders directed by the Faster Mustache crew, beer flowing freely, and a 20 mile XC race. 

Let's just be honest, I woke up on race day "less then hydrated."  I got to work downing water as I ate some breakfast. My head was telling me that water alone wasn't doing the trick, so as I mixed my two bottles of Osmo for the race I decided to drink a bottle of Osmo before the race in hopes of righting the ship. 

After a brief warmup I was actually feeling pretty good, had Osmo already proven its merit before the start if the race?  The race starts, and I'm off on trails I've never seen before. I'm able to grab a wheel for the majority of the first lap which has me flying through a fun course but provides little opportunity to stay on top of hydration. Through my training I've found that downing a bottle every 50-60 minutes puts me in a good place. At the end if lap one I had to pull up to adjust a slipping seat post and notice that after 50ish minutes of racing I still have half (if not more) of my first bottle left. Not where I wanted to be. 

I'm back on the bike as fast as I can and cranking through the trails alone. As I stand to climb the first twinge of cramps attack. I started the morning in a "hole," and although I had felt good at the start I hadn't stayed on top of my hydration schedule. I start downing Osmo whenever the trail allows and quickly finish my first bottle (when I should already be into my second). I eat a little something as I pedal on, and my legs seem to come back as I continue to be more mindful of hydrating. 

Before I'm able to catch up on downing liquids to the point of where I should have been I have one more muscle revolt as I enter a climb. I continue riding and drinking. As I continue to drink I chase the cramps away. I finish the race with no more protests from my legs. 

Was that the "correct" use of the product?  Nope. I failed to keep on top of my already proven schedule - but that's racing. And that's one aspect I have to keep working at while racing - hydrating. But, it sure was a nice feeling to be able to beat back cramps (all while cursing myself for not staying on track and preventing them in the first place) and finish the race cranking away. I did not have to once dismount or walk. So that there is a victory. I've never been able to come back from cramps and finish that strong on water alone. 

Next step?  Get more Osmo, I'm just about out. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Landmine Classic

Media Fridays
We'll post videos or photos that will hopefully inspire trail shredding weekends.

I miss this race... used to be my old stomping grounds.  Now that we are settled down here in Charlotte... well almost completely settled.  The bathroom reno should be wrapping up next week, and then I get to finally start on my bike room - right now it is a pile of dusty bikes and bathroom materials.

Anyway, once we are in the groove down here it is time to start thinking about possibly visits back up north.  I know it is too late for this year, but perhaps next year I can get a visit to coincide with the Landmine Classic.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Just as we finished the race, I will be concluding my race report after Dicky.

Having never seen the course before I wasn't looking to blaze ahead myself, so I decided to grab a wheel and follow. The pace we settled in on was a tad slower than I wanted, but it was ok. Two riders came up and passed quick, I thought about jumping on their train, but I lost the opportunity to pass my leader so I stayed put. 

As another rider came up and asked to pass I made the decision I would follow him. He got up and around, and I got my pass in after some punchy climbs and got to chasing my new carrot down. 

Up ahead I could see a rider jumping back into the frey (dunno if he had stopped or crashed) but I was on his wheel as he was getting back up to speed. I had found my pace mate. For the majority of the first lap I chased him down. He'd get a little room as we flew through the trail, and I'd instantly pounce on him with any incline. He asked if I wanted to get around but I admitted that I didn't think I'd be able to stay in front at the pace we were going given I didn't know the trail. Being able to see him enter turns I was unfamiliar with allowed me to maintain much more speed. I did make a deal with myself that if we were together for the second lap that I would do my duty and pull. 

I was enjoying the trail immensely. Until i noticed my seatpost had been slipping. All of a sudden this took over my focus. Whenever we hit anything straight my eyes were down between my legs trying to figure our how much it was slipping and, if i would need to stop and address the issue, instead of staying on the guy I was chasing. I was starting to lose ground as we came up on (what would be) the last big climb. I had a rider catching up fast behind me so I let him get by before the climb because I didn't want to slow him down. As we cleared the climb and I powered to catch back up I could tell my pedal stroke had been shortened too much - this wasn't going to work. 

I resigned myself to the fact that I would stop as we entered lap 2 to fix the problem. It was so hard to let them go, but I pulled up and got to getting my saddle back up to height and tightened it up, hoping this would solve the issue for the remainder of the race. By now I couldn't see anyone. I thought I heard someone coming up behind so I gave a quick look (didn't see anyone) and jumped back on the Glow Worm and took off. 

The second lap got tough. I had no one to chase down, and I realized I hadn't drank enough as my leg started to cramp as I stood to climb.  I started downing my first of two bottles in hopes that it would keep the cramps away. I tried to stay on top and keep pushing, but I could feel myself give up speed without that extra push. Then my back started killing me. Motivation to push was all but gone. Between moving around to try to loosen my back up while on the saddle (nearly impossible) to worries in the back of my head that my legs would seize up in a giant ball of cramps on the next climb, I couldn't help but slow on climbs. 

Every now and again I would catch speed through the flow of the trail and would be able to maintain it and get back on top of my gear. I had a flicker of cramps again, and quickly got back to drinking. Now that I knew the course I could space out the Osmo I had left and successfully beat my cramps back down. 

As I was struggling to stay in the race in my mind I has to reflect that 1. this trail is awesome and 2. the heavy rain we got was much needed for the race today. You could tell the trail could get sandy in spots, but with the pour we got the afternoon before everything was settled and solid. It was glorious. 

Before I knew it I was on the last climb. I grinder my way up and then got to finding the finish line. I wasn't exactly sure where they would have us finish (would they make us ride the road all the way back to the start?) and all if a sudden I come around a corner and see a woman standing by a tree. She is pointing in the direction of the trail and says "you're all finished."

It kinda seemed anticlimactic. I could see the finished riders sitting around in the parking lot, and I needed reassurance so I called out to confirm that we were done. I was told I could do another lap if I wanted, but that I was good to go. And good to go I was!  I ducked under the tape and enjoyed being able to stop. 

I finished. I wasn't top 3, I wasn't last. They weren't keeping time, and I don't know exactly what place I came in among my age group, but it doesn't matter. I had fun. I was happy with my first lap. A little disappointed in my second. But I didn't walk anything and I learned I need to be much better with hydrating (a 20 mile race is MUCH different then the shorter Car3 XC races I am used to). 

I do want to thank the Faster Mustache guys for putting on a great event. It was fun all around!  I've found a new beer to enjoy - that Terrapin Hopsecutioner was amazing! And I even got to chat with Dicky, who had less hate for the fat bikes then I would have expected. 

Will I be back next year? YES. And you should come to!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Waking up while camping always seems kinda peaceful. The morning light grows slowly, causing one to stir (a little earlier then you had planned...) and face the day. 

1st question, how bad of a hurting did I put on myself with the beverage consumption last night. As always, I had a couple more than advisable for mountain bike racing the next day. Plan of attack/recovery: eat, hydrate, sweat it out!

Grabbed my "everything" bagel and started dipping into my onion and chives cream cheese, chasing it down with the biggest water bottle I had.  I slowly got ready, sifting through wet gear and eating a clif bar. I mixed my bottles for the race, and one for pre race - downing that Osmo goodness to try to help get me on level ground. My head did not appreciate any sort of bending over, which worried me. How would it react to racing?

Finishing my bottle of hydrating magic I hopped on my bike to see how much my head/body would revolt. To my surprise, things were "ok."  I spun out on the roads of the camp ground attacking hills and searching for the start of the course. I found it, after a nice road climb (and of course, descent) but was running short on time so no chance to explore the trails at all. I headed back up the hill and stopped in quick at the pterodactyl before the start for some more water. 

Drinking water now tasted horrible. I hit that point where my body was calling it quits on the forced hydration, so be it. I joined the disheveled mob at the start and listened to our directions. 

The siren went off and we all took off at various speeds. The fast people shot out, the rest of use found our pace. I was spinning out until we got to the climb where I was able to bridge the building gap, catching the back of the front pack before we crested the hill. Tucking we flew down the backside toward the trail. 

Now I'm severely out of time, and will likely not be able to finish this at work... so until tomorrow. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

It rained

I got down to Georgia around 1 on Saturday and there wasn't really any rain. I set up camp with a great water view and pondered my next move, pre ride  tomorrow's course or race short track. A quick poll of the internerds provided enough feedback to get me racing on both days. 

I hit the short track and loved it instantly!  Less than a mile the route went through campsites (up and over railroad tie embankments), down stairs, and through the sand pit of a kiddies playground.  It was fun. I rode a couple laps to find my lines and then it was time to wait for the start. 

That is when the rain happened. Serious rain. Enough rain to make me question racing. But, I was already wet, so I stood around and waited. Luckily there was a pop up set up by the start/finish that provided some shelter. Eventually it started to let up some and the race was on. 

They ran smaller heats of 4(ish) racers at a time, top 2 advancing. My heat ended up leaping someone and I was caught up behind a rider from the previous heat. Didn't have enough course to catch back up so it was one and done for me. 

Once the race was finished people took a fat bike off a dock. 

It was amusing to say the least. 

I had already dried off and changed so I did not partake in the jumping. 

The weather cleared and, as one would imagine, much beer was consumed that evening.  

Although the rain kept Annie (and others... Jon "Danger: of being a chut" Evans) away, it would turn out to be exactly what the trail needed. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ok... so 2 or 1?

With thunderstorms looming (80% chance) for Saturday, Annie is starting to back out on the whole camping trip idea.  I get it... no one wants to sit in a tent during a thunderstorm - especially not knowing if it will be quick storms or an all day affair...

Right now - "Isolated morning thunderstorms in the morning, then mainly cloudy during the afternoon with thunderstorms likely... Chance of rain 80%"  You know weathermen... they are correct all the time.  So I'll keep checking throughout the evening, but this whole singlespeed adventure might be solo.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

1 or 2?

This weekend, as I head to Georgia for the Southern Singlespeed Championships, Annie is coming with me!  Annie hasn't been to a race in a while... I think the winter series was the last time, but I don't blame her.  There typically isn't much spectating available at XC races.  Since it will be a weekend long event, and we haven't gone camping in a looong time, we figured two birds/one stone and all that jazz.  The next question was, do we bring the dogs?

Yes.  No.  Maybe?  Yes.  Maybe not Scout...  It's not that we wouldn't LOVE to have Scout with us, but she can be a bit of a spazz with her barking and growling.  She sounds tough, but at the same time she is barking or growling at someone she is backing up and trying to find her way in between my legs.  She was a rescue.  A rescue at a very young age mind you, but she's always been skiddish.  So, a camp ground full of rowdy singlespeeders is probably not the best place for her... or for me getting any sleep as she barks at anyone still up partying.  Or for Annie trying to mind two dogs while I'm out riding around in the woods.

So, I think the plan will be to leave Scout at home with my brother while Annie, Maggie, and myself head down this weekend.  Maggie loves the water, and she hasn't been swimming in quite a while, so that will be nice for her.  Plus, she's a Georgia girl - it's about time she got back to her home state.

I'm excited for this weekend.  Not sure how the "race" will go - but I'm betting on FUN!  Looking forward to seeing a bunch of people I know, kinda know (internerd style), and have never heard of before.  Let's just hope I, and the Glow Worm, make it out in one piece!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

catching up... socially

Last night was our weekly social ride at Col. FB.  My plan was to get to the trail early so I could switch out my cog (finally) to a respectable number of teeth.  Traffic said otherwise.

I arrived in the lot about 10 minutes prior to start time.  I assessed the "social paceness" of the group and decided to let them go ahead of me as I switched things out - I would catch up.  As the group was pulling out I was getting my rear wheel back on - oh, I'm super close, it won't take me long to catch them... oops - now i have to adjust the EBB.  I first rotate it with the cranks up - nope, I wan't them down.  Play with the chain tension (I think I was running it too tight as the cranks weren't rotating super freely when I'd throw them back by hand) until I get something that isn't restricting the cranks and doesn't have a ton of play in the line.

As soon as the EBB was cranked down I hop on the Glow Worm and take off after the group.  Damnit.  I didn't adjust the seat height... that's ok, I'll do it when I catch them.  As I'm flying through the trail the 18 feels oh so good!!  I'd been lazy and stayed with the 20 for way too long.  Plus, with the overtightened chainline I think the 20 was feeling harder than it was supposed to anyway... if that is at all possible?

Damnit, I forgot to put air in the tires... on a couple roots felt like things felt pretty damn squishy in the back... it's ok, I should be catching them soon.  I did my best to stay light on the bike, getting off the seat (and rear) whenever I was getting through the GNAR.  There has been some recent work done over at Beatty - which was mostly good.  A couple bridges were built up in areas that held moisture - that was good.  A lot of roots were removed and the trail was smoother (and probably faster) than before - that was good for me trying to catch up and stay off my rear wheel... but not good in that they didn't need to be removed...

Halfway through the trail I started catching glimpses of the group as the trail winded back around itself... how close are they really??  I worked to catch them and as the trail spills out to the road before it's final pop back into the woods and back to the start I come up on the group stopping to talk.  Took me about 30 minutes of pedaling to catch them.  But it was nice to have to push, especially with the Southern Singlespeed Championships coming up this weekend.  The brakes on the Glow Worm are all fixed and magical!  It was a very strange experience to feel the brake engage right away and not have to pull all the way down to get any stopping power - actually took a little getting used to!  But getting through the trail at speed got me back in the mindset of flicking the Glow Worm around... I'm excited for this weekend.  I kinda wonder if 18 is enough for the trail down there?  It's all I got, so I'll run it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gravel roads in the hills

Sunday I drove out to Wilson Creek to meet up, and ride, with D-Wayne. Since the Glow Worm was in the shop (and D-Wayne suggested gears anyway) I was on the HiFi. Yes, a full suspension was a bit overkill, but it's what I had. I even got to lock out the fork for the first time, wasn't even sure I could!  D-Wayne was riding his hard tail with skinny tires. And his lovely wife was on her cross bike.

We took off and before we knew it, we were climbing. Even though we were riding dirt/gravel roads through the mountain it was fun!  Beautiful area, so there was plenty to take in. Oh, and climbing, I like climbing!

I didn't camp out, but the facilities that we started/ended at looked great - and $10 a night. Super great deal (bathroom/shower) right in the middle of things. I will certainly be back. 

Since there isn't much to describe as far as the ride went (up, down, little pavement, up, up, flattish briefly, dooooowwwn, flattish) I'll let you enjoy these pictures. 

As far as we could tell, there was no name for this fall (at least posted here) so we decree it
...which would make this "Dwayne's hole?"

gorgeous clear water with some big ass fish down there

Monday, September 16, 2013


Old dog.  New tricks.  All that jazz.

Saturday my buddy Sean came down to Charlotte and we snuck in a little ride before he had to "conduct some business."  He really did have some business to attend to... quotes just felt right.

Anyway, months back Sean and I partook in the Tour De Charlotte (I in the mass of riders, Sean as a racer) and he got a brief taste of BYT.  I figured it was time that he got a proper tour of the joy that is BYT.  Since the Glow Worm was getting some brake love at my LBS, it was time to pull out the HiFi.  I had to rinse off a nice thick layer of concrete dust from the bathroom remodel and throw on a saddle and some pedals... but soon it was looking ready to ride.  Let me tell you, forks that move are WEIRD!!  Even in the parking lot I was like "woah, this things dips and dives!!"  I got over it.

Armed with our cameras, we hit up the trails.  We were just messing around, filming briefly here and there, enjoying the trail and all the recent improvements (crazy big drop/launches right off the start now).  Unfortunately, our ride got cut short as one of Sean's cleat bolts decided to abandon ship making clipping in/out impossible.  As BYT has been known to inflict pain from time to time we decided we better bail before he snapped an ankle or tore a ligament.  

What Sean did see, he loved!  We got through about half of the trail, so it wasn't a bad introduction.  He went ape shit over the poo tracks - imagine that...  We'll get out there again, for sure.  Maybe next time we'll be able to compile enough footage to do something with. 

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the new trick.  So... there has always been one boulder that I haven't been able to conquer.  You know the one... it's after the tight squeeze through two rocks into a quick up, pass by the run-off drop, around the bend and BLAM, there it is!  Anyway, I've always stalled out on it, no matter what line I attempted to take.  Sean set me straight.  And on my first try with the new vision in my head I killed it.  No longer will I have to dread the boulder and put a foot down.  


Thursday, September 12, 2013


Loaded Georgia up for the split commute. I have a late parent meeting, so my commute departure will be later than normal - we shall see how that plays into things as I get back into Charlotte. 

Tomorrow morning will be an adventure. I think I brought everything I will need to get ready for work after my ride. 

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It was a sign. 

Last night as I was giving the Glow Worm some attention and tweaking a few thing prior to the group ride I was approached by another rider with a brake question.  I dropped my bike prep to see if I could get him rolling again.  He had me stumped as his rear brakes were totally locked up. 

He said he just had it serviced, but had ridden since that service without a problem.  We took his rear wheel off to see if it was a stuck piston. Things were stiff back there and a bike lever wasn't really getting the job done to spread those pistons. We managed to squeeze the wheel back on but things didn't look good for his ride. 

My brakes are still breeding professional help. They "work," but I'm pulling way to far for the rear - I've bleed them but it always seems to soften up. So, today I will do my best to get to the shop after work so a real wrench can mess with them. 

The guy in the parking lot, he eventually messed with his brakes enough were things were good and he met up with us out on the trail.  He wasn't exactly sure what he did, but it sounded like there was some interference between his pad and the clip, and when whatever that was "popped out" his pads sat back. 

By the time we got out riding darkness was already coming. The pace was quick, and the 20 was spinning me out - I couldn't keep up. Makes me worry a bit for the trip down to Georgia for the Southern Singlespeed Championchips. It'll be less of a race and more of a party ride for me I think. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


"The" season is over.  But, since I didn't race more than I did race this season, it makes sense that my race schedule is starting to get busy... you know, now that the season is over.

Coming up sooner than I would like it... Southern Singlespeed Championships (9/21-22).  Where the hell did the time go?  Oh yeah, that's what happens when the school year comes around again and I go back to work. 

And yesterday I got a face message with a personal invite to a 1/3/6 hour race over on the coast.  The Trail Mayor shot me a message waiving a nice race flyer in my face... Brunswick Brawl (10/12).  I haven't done a 6 hour race before, and why do a 1 hour race... that's like... a normal race... I could do a three hour race, but I can ride for 3 hours - socially, with butterfly chasing sessions liberally thrown in...  So, 6 hours it is.  Best/worse case scenario exploration aside, it will at least pile on some mileage to my legs in preparation for the belt buckle trio.

January (1/4), February (2/1), and March (3/1).  34 miles, 5000+ feet in elevation... each time.  Oh, and don't forget about the pre-ride on 12/7.  But hey, I'll look good wearing that belt buckle when it's all said and done.  And maybe I'll be looking fresh for it as well - in a new "team" kit.

Monday, September 9, 2013

ground work

This weekend the plan was to scout out my commuting route options.  What I thought would be a "quick" ride turned into a 3 hour tour.... literally.

Going out to school I took the more direct route... which was about 13.5 miles.  This morning I'm going to drive the route to see how busy it might get on a weekday morning.  There is one section of construction that might get a little ugly if traffic is heavy.  Other than that, there were either bike lanes, or the lanes themselves were wide enough that I felt like I had plenty of room.  Plus, it is a bus route and I always feel that cars are prepared for bikes a little better when traveling on a bike route - they are used to slowing/moving over to pass because of stopping buses.

When I got to the school I also looked into shower options.  The boys locker room is tiny - and smells horribly.  There is another locker room attached labeled "Refs Only" which has a shower.  I'll have to make sure that it is cool for me to use those facilities, I might even be able to grab a locker in there, which would make things even easier in leaving clothes/shower stuff.

I tried out a different route on the way home.  I didn't pay attention to mileage when I planned it out, I was just looking for the most bike friendly route (according to google maps).  Although a nice route, it was a round-a-bout way home... taking me all the way over to portions of my typical road loop.  The ride home was about 33 miles... not what one is looking for in a commute!

Overall it was a longer than expected day on the bike and my legs felt it for sure!

I might use the route home on days that I want mileage and there is still plenty of daylight to burn... but for commuting purposes it's going to be the more direct route, depending on how it looks this morning. Of course, if all goes as planned, I'd already be en route at 5:20 am.

If all looks good this morning, and I get the thumbs up on the shower situation, my plan is to drive to work Thursday with the bike and clothes for the next day, ride home from work, and ride into work on Friday.  Figure that would provide a nice test run.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Don't Stop Riding

Media Fridays
We'll post videos or photos that will hopefully inspire trail shredding weekends.

He's riding.  Are you?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

bike to work

Why I need (in no particular order) to bike to work...

I want to
I'm not riding enough as it is
Not enough time with the wife (by the time Annie gets home from work I'm off to bed a few hours later)
...which then leads to not selfishly riding after work...
The pterodactyl could use a break, before it breaks...
I want to

Why I don't bike to work...
haven't figured out the best route yet - haven't truly investigated it... lazy
unsure of the shower availability at work... lazy
would have to plan on leaving clothes (or carrying them with me)... lazy
don't know how to "commute"; to ride at an easier tempo to reduce sweat and whatnot... not wired that way
i would have to get up earlier, maybe?

So, if my language math is correct...
- my mis-wiring which doesn't allow me to not ride at a tempo that would reduce sweat can be rectified by solidifying the ability to shower at work - it's a school, at the very least there are gym showers...
- clothes could be left at work ahead of time... or I can just carry them with me - would just have to deal with wrinkles - ah ha!  leave an iron/board in the office.
-I currently get up at 5(ish) and leave the house by 6:30 to arrive at work before 7 ("start" time is 7:15). If I left by bike at 5(ish) and biked the 13ish miles, I'd be there in under an hour easily.  Plenty of time to stop sweating, shower, iron (if needed) and get dressed.

Anyone see any errors in my computation?  See any reason why I shouldn't get on commuting... other than the fact that it's gonna be getting dark earlier soon? (lights are a glorious thing)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh boy

Plans are a-swirlin over here and I am excited!

Plans for gear. Plans for next year. He'll, even (maybe) plans for training plans. 

So much. So little (blog) time. I'll try to figure out how to find/get on a blog schedule - I just know your life feels just a tad bit empty with my cyber slacking. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Be Seen

The time of year when the sun goes away for longer than it visits and the hunters come out to play is quickly approaching.  As riders, whether on the road or on the trail, it's time to think about being seen.

On the trail blaze orange should be your friend as the deer run for their lives and the turkeys hunker down to hide.  I MUST have written about my blaze orange gear before... but I can't seem to find it in the old stuff... and I can't find a picture of my blaze orange helmet cover anywhere... I could take a picture of it now but that would mean I'd have to go to the pterodactyl to get it.  And I'm not doing that.  So trust me, I have an orange helmet cover.

Seriously, I blogged about it before... cause it's nice and water resistant yet breathable.  It's the stuff.  I do have a picture of my blaze orange goalie jersey/don't shoot me jersey.

Old picture from a race at Winding Trails

Annie also picked up an orange/reflective vest - you know, the kind that crossing guards and street workers wear.  No, not THAT kind of street worker.
"spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests" - no joke!
But yes... be seen.  Don't get mistaken for a deer... on a bike... that sounds nothing like a deer... Just don't get shot, ok??

And then we have the pavement.  Use those neat blinky lights and wear something bright.  Like the sweet jersey I got the other day.  It was on a super sweet sale so I had to get it... and the timing couldn't have been better (I still would have bought it on the brightest day of the year).


I had to turn the lights off the jersey is so bright.  But I love it.  I think it might just catch a motorist's attention, don't you?

Stay safe out there!