Thursday, July 18, 2013


The heat is up this week... but of course, that doesn't keep the rain away.

As I was about to leave work yesterday this awful alarm goes off in the office.  Storm warning.  On my way the skies opened up in a big way.  Aside from making people drive like complete shit (I'm sorry but dropping to 40 on the highway because of rain compounds the danger... doesn't help people) it wasn't helping trail status in anyway.

Sure enough, most trails are still closed.

I've been itching to hit up USNWC for the past month or so... and I guess that itch will continue to go unscratched.  With the rain and the swollen rivers I'm sure there is trail just sitting underwater... so I get it.  But I'm over "getting it."  I just want to ride!!

Doesn't look like folding up the cuff of your jeans will help here...
Luckily, there are two trails (as of right now) open in the area.  There is always RRT - but I haven't switched to a 20 in the rear and won't have time before work to do so.  I guess I could come home and switch it and join a likely group ride there....  But, with 30% chance of thunder storms starting at about 3 I have a feeling if I don't get out right after work I'll be rained in... cause, that's been the weather of choice as of late.

I'm thinking I'll be visiting Colonel FB this afternoon.  Haven't been there for a bit (because of.... rain) and it's usually good for a couple laps.  We shall see.  Fingers crossed it stays open.

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