Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have a teammate

Yesterday when I got home from work it was time to get Annie's bike in working condition.  Somehow, someway, throughout the move(s) Annie's front brake got extremely soft.  It was time to take a look.

I took my time to look at possible offenders instead of just going straight to bleeding.  First thing - the front wheel was rubbing.  I pulled the wheel and brake pads.  Removing the brake pads was no easy feat on this style of brakes... I have never heard of them before.  But hey, it's entry level hydraulic breaks, what do you expect?

Anyway, got the pads out, pushed the pistons back and eventually got the pads back in.  Put the front wheel back on and loosened up the caliper and realigned the whole deal with the wheel in place.  Got it straightened out, compressed the brakes and tighten the bolts back on.  PRESTO!

Scout "supervised"
I'm a freakin bike mechanic kid!

Her wheels are turning, brakes work, put air in the tires... should be good to go this weekend!!  Hells yes, I'll be riding with my beautiful wife this weekend!

Ok, so nothing is official, but plans for the rest of the season might be taking on a bit of a twist.

I'm "have" a race this weekend.  It's been raining like nuts down here so my riding has been minimal... on top of the zero riding I was getting during the moving process...  On the bright side - spots for SSUSA are opening up.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

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