Steel 29er frame custom built for me at a little over 6' tall. Can go singlespeed (Phil Wood Eccentric) or geared. 24.75" toptube and 20" seattube. Includes painted to match Waltworks rigid fork and Chris King headset. Regular 27.2 post, 1 1/8 steertube, threaded BB.

Baby blue fade to platinum for 'faux ti' look. The bike was repainted free of charge by Ted a few years ago because he forgot to weld on a cable guide. It was originally all baby blue.

$700 + ship.

The moots seatpost pictured is not included. That salsa clamp is not included, but I will include a black DKG clamp (not QR).

The story:
This frame was made custom for me as a gift to myself when I finished my PhD. While it has been ridden, I quickly realized that I have less free time as a college professor than I did as a graduate student, and I turned to running. The bike has been ridden, of course, but is still in great shape. I am selling this to get something different, hopefully something similar in Ti, now that I have been awarded tenure. I have seen some good used frames come and go and I need to sell this before I can really shop for a replacement.

The frame: Some custom touches are fittings for 3 water bottle cages, since I had aspirations of solo 24 hour racing (2 water and a battery) but that never happened.
This has a Phil Wood eccentric bottom bracket insert that is drilled out to save weight. It is a set screw type and has never given me problems. My opinion is that whatever you use to tension your chain, it will work if it is made and installed properly. Phil is good stuff and Ted encouraged me to use it since they are properly machined so the bike goes together properly.
The tubeset is sealed like on an Independent Fabrications. So no water getting in there.
NOTE: when taking the pics I noticed there is something in the downtube! It is not metallic, but rubbery. I have never noticed it while riding or anything, only if I invert the frame. I now recall Ted mentioning a piece of flux or something? In any case you should be aware of it.
There are minor scratches here and there. The worst are some tire rub on the chainstays from a bent rim that I rode out. Also some scratching underneath the chainstays by the dropouts when my wheel popped out while riding because I forgot to clamp the wheel QR...

The fork is painted to match and has more than enough steertube. I used it once or twice, but always ran a suspension fork, so the paint is perfect.

Check out the pics and let me know if you have any questions.

More pics here

If you are looking for a complete bike I can make that happen. I think I have everything except for a rear wheel. I def. have a front wheel, tires, stem, bars, saddle, avid mech disc brakes, maybe levers... just ask.