Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grab a pitchfork

Getting out and riding Col. FB was refreshing.  It seemed like forever since I was able to ride the trails. Although I enjoyed my ride, I did... I wasn't able to ride as much as I wanted to.  For one, I really didn't eat much all day, so as I was cranking away in the heat my energy was fading fast.

Secondly, I had already decree Fridays to be "cook out Fridays" on account of the new grill, so I had to get home and get to throwing meat on fire.  I did manage to hit up everything on my first loop and let me say the trail was looking magnificent.  A few "muddy" (more like dark dirt) sections in the newer black diamond section, but it being "new", that's to be expected.  I didn't feel I had time/energy for a full second lap so I hit up just the green to see just how "Annie friendly" the trail would be.

I'd say it is pretty beginner friendly without the options, but there is still some climbing involved... climbing: what I love, and Annie hates.  "Climbing" isn't really the right word for that trail either... more like the trail is just going up a little.  Either way, I think Annie could do it, she just won't be happy with going up right off the bat.

All throughout my ride I chuckled to myself as I tackled roots.  Prior to rainfest '13 there had been some root removal from the trail out there.  Since rainfest '13 I had to wonder: are there more/more pronounced roots now because of the rain (erosion) or has it been so long since I've ridden here that the roots just stand out more?  Either way, I can't wait for the masses to get out there and see the forum board light up with a call to arms against the roots.

I'm giddy like a school girl!  Don't get me wrong.  I DO NOT want any roots removed.  I think it's complete ridiculousness... but sometimes seeing people melt down on a forum over the tiniest thing is a bit entertaining.

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