Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Short/fast post today - hold on tight.

Slathered with Oatey's and cranked down like a mother - the EBB held tight on some demanding trail... fingers crossed but this might be the solution!!

Since our typical social ride was cancelled yesterday didn't feel like a Tuesday, and I almost didn't go out for beverages and food after our ride.  I'm glad I went - "even though it wasn't Tuesday."

Ride That Shit.  YES PLEASE!!  Love this trail.  Some of the uphill switchbacks were crank slowing tight and steep that it took balance and power to maneuver them - perfect.  On the 32x18 it was a challenge but and awesome ride.  As the trail grows (yes, I WILL be a bigger part of trail work) this will undoubtedly be my favorite trail in the area.

Oh, the creaking (whether it was my saddle or spacers) is gone.  With no noise, and no slipping, singlespeed life is once again heaven.  

Michael is one happy mountain biker.

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