Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gonna Make You Sweat

I forgot to mention something about my road ride the other day... yeah I know, most of us are mountain bikers and we don't really want to hear about (or in some cases, even ride) road rides, but just hold on for a second.

You know that awkward moment when you are climbing a hill and a car comes up from a street on the right ahead of you... and they pause, not knowing if they are going to make the left in front of you or wait?  And you are stuck either continuing at your pace KNOWING they should go... or forcing yourself to get up and hammer to pass in front at a quicker pace?

Yeah, I hate that.  Not because I'm worried about holding them up, I'm not... I typically just continue at whatever pace I was going - I'm not going to kill myself on a hill for a car - I'll kill myself on a hill for my own sadistic pleasure thank you very much.  No, I just dread the misjudgment of drivers who will wait until the last minute and THEN pull out and make the turn as you are in their intersection.


Thankfully, that didn't occur.  But, I did come up to two such situations, both of which paused just long enough for me to think they would be waiting (when they didn't have to) but then made the smart choice and went before I got to them.  In the first such situation the suv turned and I hit the cross section about 5-7 seconds later and could clearly smell the woman's perfume.

My first thought: DAAAAAMMMN she was wearing a lot of perfume.

Second thought: Middle school dance??

Some kids lucky enough to have their pictures out there on the internets...
for me to make fun of.

I have no idea what perfume she was wearing, but it seriously hit my brain like a freight train and memories came flooding in of middle school dances.  Whatever the scent was, it WAS the first perfume girls start wearing.  It was HILARIOUS!  I hadn't thought about or experienced that smell since that time.  Even in all my years of working with adolescents I seriously haven't smelled it since I was actually in middle school.  It must be some discontinued scent of a time past... but this woman had a stockpile and was bathing in it.

Although I could smell the perfume of the next woman who did the same thing, it was 2-3 seconds after she pulled out and it smelled like a "normal" soccer mom... kinda made me sad because it was just so AMAZING to have memories of being a teen hit me like that because of a smell on a road ride - which, as we all know is typically cow shit and road kill.


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