Monday, July 22, 2013


Got some good rides in this weekend as trails were actually open!!  Of course, it rained last night... and now this happened.

Don't even think about calling the Whitewater Center, that beast has been closed since June.

I'll get into ride details tomorrow, but one thing I did notice: riding is fun!  Seemed so long since I had ridden trails around here - or at least had an option!  Sour note... EBB seems to have slipped again.  Held tight on a nice climby ride, so I thought the coast was clear.  But after two rides this weekend the chain is slack again.  I also noticed that the chainline seems to be off a bit as the rear cog is off to one side on the chain... so I adjusted that.  Looks like the EBB II will be ordered shortly.  

Today, time is quickly slipping away as I get sidetracked looking at "deals" I don't need to be looking at on all things bike related.  So, I'll get right to it.  The Mutt did some fiddling around up in the mountains and ended up doing quite well up in the hills, I'm sure he's talking about it over here (or will be sometime very soon).

Inspired by his performance (and having come free time on my hands yesterday since I was doing laundry and not riding...) I created a little something for him.

I put it up on his facefriend wall for all to see.  His response: I sense a great disturbance in The Force... and your Photoshop skills.

Perhaps he'd be more comfortable riding this version, after all it's got a saddle and a bridal?

So, that's it for today.... bad weather and equally bad photoshop skills.

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