Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I'm wrapping up my school year today with half a day... then it's full on summer!!  YA-BOYYEEE!!!

With the rest of the day I'll be grabbing the doggies and heading to my parents for a quick stop before hitting up Meriden for a preride.  I was super excited for the opportunity to preride as it seems a good part of the course is on private land, but then that excitement faded quickly and turned to sheer terror.  I got a message from the guy heading up the preride and he listed a couple other guys that would be riding with us... one name stood out - Charlie B.  I didn't need to google the other guys to know that I would be in way over my head with this.... YIKES.  But Fabian (who brought back the Wrath) was kind enough to ease my terror by offering to take me out ahead of the other guys... I'm sure it's as much for them as it is for me, as I would certainly not want to slow them down... but I'm super grateful for that.

I'm excited though.  I rode out at Foxboro yesterday (since I haven't been on the bike in a bit) and I got a nice dose of rocks!!  Just what I was looking for, get back to jamming through rock gardens to prepare for the adventure ahead.  Overall I think it might prove to be a good training ground - to be determined after the preride of course... but I feel with the climbs available, the rocks to be navigated and the mileage I can get, it might be just what I need.  I did take a couple "wrong turns" out there last night (it was much larger than I remembered) but with more time on the trails I think I can throw together a sweet ride.

It was a TOTALLY different experience riding there last night than it was my previous visit (which was about a year ago).  Number one difference would be riding the HiFi versus the 4300.  Of course I'd like to think that improved skill/fitness played a part, and I'm sure it did, but having the full suspension certainly saved me from the abuse you get riding a hardtail over there.  Although, as I was packing up my bike I chatted with two guys - one who was riding a RIGID hardtail... singlespeed.  All I could say to that was that he certainly must like punishment!

They have some group rides over there on Tuesdays that I will have to check out.  If I get into the swing of things I could be getting in on some Tuesday/Thursday fun with the group ride scene... sounds like a plan!

So I'll let you know how the preride goes next week.  In the meantime, enjoy the next installment of the Kingdom Trails adventures for Media Friday and have a fun and safe holiday weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Distracting you with cuteness

Because I haven't been able to ride in a couple weeks due to friends visiting followed by a soaking wet weekend; I have nothing to talk about. Really. I can't think of one thing to share. I realize this makes me a pathetic blogger and more importantly, a lame rider.

So I am asking you to please excuse my lameness. Also, as an added attempt to keep you coming to the blog bonus for still checking in today, please enjoy these pictures I just found of my dog, Scout, when she was a puppy (and Michael when he had hair!).

Our old carpet before Scout ruined it, but we love her anyway!

Intently watching our other dog, Maggie, while Michael...takes a nap? (I have no idea what Michael is doing in this one.)

Staring right at me because Maggie was trying to get my attention. Look at the huge buddah belly!!

Stealing Maggie's toys from the get go. I think this used to be a squirrel.

See, you totally forgot why you originally came to the blog today, huh? That's the power of puppies, my friends.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What time is it?

It's time to be a full time rider.  That's right boys and girls, it's summer!!

Today is the last day for the kiddies, and it couldn't come sooner.  Not because I am done with the school year (ok well, that is part of the reason) but because I have been severely slacking in the riding department... and let's not even talk about the gym scene.

It's time to start living the dream... rocking it daily like I'm a fully sponsored mountain biker.
Mountain biking and beer go together like Turkey and Corn, but no, I won't be taking the HiFi to the bar...

As my 5:30 wake up subsides and I no longer need to battle it out at the 93 split on a daily basis I typically become a chauffeur for my lovely wife - no reason to let me sleep in when I can drive her to work!!  But I'll use that to my advantage and get my butt in gear so after dropping her off at work I'll stop at the trails or the gym before returning home.

Now it won't be all fun and games, I will also have a list of chores and odd jobs to do around the place.  I am hopeful that I can stay focused, get back to cooking and eating right, get in the gym and back into shape, drop some pounds, and gain some respectable weekly milage on the trails.

Time to step things up as I head into the second half of my race season.

Oh yeah, race coming up sooner than I remembered.... looks like I've lined myself up to tackle the Wrath of the Boneyard.  If nothing else, I like the name!
Sweet poster!
(courtesy of Wrath of the Boneyard, Cross Country Mountain Bike Race Facebook page)

And the reality of it all.
(courtesy of Wrath of the Boneyard, Cross Country Mountain Bike Race Facebook page)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Media Fridays
We'll posts videos or photos that will hopefully inspire trail shredding weekends.

Enjoy the the 1st installment of the Kingdom Trails adventure!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time to get serious

While Michael spent the weekend riding in Vermont, I spent the weekend walking around Boston shopping with my best friend (otherwise known as Big Red's lovely wife). As we walked all over the place, I started to realize how truly pathetic my legs are in comparision to my friend. Yadranca (pretty kickass name, huh?) is a runner. Now if you talk to her about it, she'll tell you that she's just "alright" and not a "real impressive runner", but that's a bunch of crap. This is her on the left running a half marathon a few weeks ago. She's pretty diesel.

During our shopping trip we went to quite a few places, but it wasn't until we hit Lululemon in the Prudential center that I realized the vast difference between us in the fitness arena. We both took pairs of shorts to the dressing room (and yes, we always share a dressing room), and while each of us was happy with our respective fitting room items, Yadranca looked like an athelete while I looked like a skinny girl with just a tinge of muscle. Now, please don't assume that I'm one of those girls that unmercifully compares herself to everyone under the sun when it comes to body image. I do love my body, but being in this store surrounded by women that actually put effort towards their fitness made me realize that the status quo isn't going to cut it if I want to call myself a bike rider.

Cue the workout plan that started two days ago.

Having never really worked out before, Michael had to show me the basics of lunges, squats, dead-lifts and ab crunches. I have worked out my upper body before, so once I got the lower body exercises down, I sprinkled in some shoulder, back and arm exercises as well and now I feel like I'm on the right track towards getting in shape.

It's a long process, but little by little I hope to see improvement in my riding as I get stronger. Maybe the age of crying over barely making it up a hill is on its way out and will be replaced with the age where Annie kicks ass? It could happen.

And although I admire her athleticism, I can't say the same for her fashion sense.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KT ride report

Ok ok ok ok, I'm sorry that it's taken me until Wednesday to fill you in on the adventure at Kingdom Trails this past weekend.  I'll have videos coming at you for the next couple weeks on Media Friday so keep an eye out for those.  I've been having fun playing with the footage, matching up music and all that jazz... but it's also been time consuming.

So we got up to Vermont on Friday, checked into the motel and got a super recommendation for dinner - Trout River Brewing Company.   Headed over for some beers and pizza.  Both the beers and the pizza were delicious.  And although our favorite beverages of the evening were not sold in bottles (as they were seasonal) we somehow held back from buying them in growlers and settled for a 6 pack of Scottish Style Ale.  Which was also good... it had a solid hint of soy sauce, which I quite enjoyed.

So as we were winding down the night at the Lynburke Motel (a nice little motel with super friendly staff) we ended up making a few sponsor "spots" using nothing but a t-shirt, cell phone cam, and our degenerate minds.  It was hilarious, if not inappropriate... but hey, that's what Team Dild's Grill is all about!

As we got up and headed to the trail the overnight/early morning rain was starting to dry while clouds still hung about ominously.  Got to the East Burke Sports parking lot, which I was very surprised to find just about empty, and got ourselves situated.  Bikes all set up, and out onto the trails we started with the grind up East Darling Hill Rd.  Trails were damp, riddled with puddles/mud, and the roots were slick.  Quickly the clouds disappeared and the trails began drying out.  Mosquitoes were a bastard anytime we paused to ensure we were headed in the right direction at trail intersections.

Got a little dirty on the trails... my drivetrain was audibly not happy with the situation!

The ride was great.  There were trail sections hit by some wicked erosion, and crews were out in force so there were some closures, but overall things looked good.  We rode 22.67 miles, and climbed 2451 ft.  Sidewinder was SWEET!!  Last time I rode up here I wasn't confident enough to fly through it... but this time I just pointed and went, and it was a blast!!  I am already thinking about the next time I'm there and how much more aggressive I can be on it. 

As we were coming to the end of the ride we took a wrong turn and extended things.  I hadn't planned on the extra time/miles so I hadn't eaten any of my clif bars ahead of the weakness.  So as my legs were dying I snacked on a clif bar in hopes that it would pick me up enough to get through.  We hit Kitchel to end things off... which was in EXCELLENT shape.  Being worn out, I ate it as I cheated to the inside a little too much and my front tire slide on a soft edge.  No harm, no foul.  I guess it wouldn't have been a ride without a bruise or two to remember it by.

And the nice surprise was that even riding on a Saturday the trails were basically ours, only ran into one group while we were riding/filming on Sidewinder.  When we finished up the parking lot was packed... so I wonder of the masses waited out the morning in hopes the weather would improve.  I liked the earlier start, kept the temps down for us for the majority of the ride.  On the garmins it read a starting temp of 66 and ending temp of 82!  

I would love to get back up there another time or two before the summer ends.  With school ending next week it will open up the possibility of a mid-week visit.  And a nice spa/ride weekend for Annie and myself sounds like a real deal!!

What about this??
Do you think Pedro's will jump on as a sponsor??

Friday, June 17, 2011

Media Fridays
We'll posts videos or photos that will hopefully inspire trail shredding weekends.

Well, the madness is almost here!!!!  
Big Red is touching down in Boston this morning while I watch the clock at work until we can take off to VT.  

This is how we will end up our ride tomorrow.  


Thursday, June 16, 2011


So yeah, I came out with the Kingdom Trails news early, and now there is nothing left.  All focus is on this weekend.

This week has been long... already.  I've been under the weather, and the weather itself has been crappy.  I haven't ridden this week, and haven't tried out camera angles or ensured snug camera attachment yet... Wednesday the weather turned and things look amazing again.  I'm feeling progressively better, and the forecast for this weekend in East Burke, Vermont is looking more favorable for riding.

    • Friday

      Jun 17

      A couple of showers77° Lo 54°RealFeel®83° / Lo 55°more
    • Saturday

      Jun 18

      Chance of a shower78° Lo 45°RealFeel®76° / Lo 41°more
    • Sunday

      Jun 19

      Partly sunny and breezy76° Lo 47°RealFeel®73° / Lo 46°more

The pterodactyl is going in for some drive train action!!  When it rains it pours... again this is covered under warranty so it is "free" in the sense of cash monies, but takes up my damn time and causes me to worry that it wouldn't get done in time for the trip.... Feeling shit vibrate on the highway with thoughts of a universal coupling flying off is not comforting on a 3 hour trip...  So this afternoon I'll skip out of work early to get that bad boy remedied.

Yeah... this was boring.  Hopefully the prospect of a World Premier Team Dild's Grill video coming at you next week will hold you over.  If not, feel free to yell at me in the comments section.  It will probably make me sad for a second, but then I'll remember that I had nothing to write about because I'm going to kill some trails this weekend and I'll be ok.

Side note:  Got our NEMBA memberships in the mail yesterday.  Also got a copy of Singletracks with our welcome packet which included a nice list of weekly group rides.  I'll be checking some of those out in the weeks to come for sure!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Look scared?

Thanks to the highly documented world we live in, I have seen a lot of pictures and videos of myself over the last couple years. Because of this influx of documentation, I have noticed a pretty interesting fact about myself: I hide my fear quite well.

For example:

On my wedding day, I remember walking down the aisle with my dad and thinking, "Am I going to throw up?, "Do I remember what I'm supposed to say?", "These 4 inch heels weren't really that great of an idea."

However, as shown in the pic, I come off really relaxed and calm. Maybe it's a Niner thing, because my dad isn't showing a hint of pain from the death-grip I had on his arm. P.S. Isn't my dad awesome? Yeah, he is.

There's also this wonderful video of myself singing karaoke. Now, I need to disclose that I was running on some liquid courage when this video was made, but I also remember feeling really scared, embarrassed (as I should) and anxious for the song to just be over so I could get off the sun-porch stage and go back to the hot tub where I could fade into the crowd again. However, you'd never know I was having an "all eyes are one me" mini panic attack from the footage.

I must warn you that this video isn't one I would recommend watching, but it illustrates my point. If you do choose to watch it, may I suggest turning off your speakers first?

So when I saw the video Michael made of me riding in Wompatuck, I was faced with this anomaly again. I remember that ride being stressful where I fell twice and even proclaimed that I didn't like mountain biking anymore. I was bailing on simple (yet still technical) lines and once again, taking all my fear and anger out on Michael.

Again, you wouldn't know it from the video. Now, it helps that the sound has been dubbed over. I'm pretty sure I was rocking some foul language during parts of that ride, but overall I seem pretty in control and impressive. Maybe one day I'll actually start feeling as comfortable as I look when it comes to riding. Until then though, please don't be fooled by the photographic evidence. I act like a fool out there.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Team Dild's Grill heatin' things up at Kingdom Trails - The Preview

It all goes down Saturday 6/18.  Hide your wife, hide your kids, cause we are riding EVERYTHING up in here!!

So we aren't riding everything... but there you have the "planned" route.  Obviously spur of the moment overrides are perfectly acceptable as are add-ons or repeats of super fun times!!

Here is a run down of the trails hit (the map is pretty straight forward, there is only one section where you might get lost in highlighter)

Start with a climb up East Darling Hill.
Jump on the Loop to Poundcake
Fence Line
Pastore Point Loop
Pastore Point
Hop on Coronary to Loop to Bemis
Tap and Die
River Run 
River Run
Dry Feet
River Run
West Branch
Hog Back
West Branch
Old Web's (loop back on itself)
Sugar Hill
East Branch
Widow Maker
East Branch
Beat Bog
Sugarhouse Run

This will be similar to the route I rode last year (my first time) except I did it in reverse, I'm thinking the flow this way will be better.  Sean (the other half of Team Dild's Grill) aka Big Red has never been to Kingdom Trails and is coming off an annoying (2 flats and a broken chain) race at Big Bear this past weekend... so he is in for some good times on the bicycle.  He is renting an XL HiFi so we will be bike twins for the day!!

Only a few more days until Snakebite and Big Red are tearing it up again!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Media Fridays
We'll posts videos or photos that will hopefully inspire trail shredding weekends.

Here we have for you some original content.  
First video with the Stealth. (handlebar mount at Wompatuck)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tour de...


After work I headed out to a trail that I'd never ridden before.  I had put off riding here for a couple of reasons.  One, parking had been an issue, so I was trying to figure out the best/safest place to park to ride here.  Two, and probably the biggest reason, these trails are heavy in the freeride domain... so I wasn't sure what there would be in terms of xc.

So my exploration of Vietnam turned into a 3 hour tour... yes, a 3 hour tour a la Gilligan and the Skipper.  3 hours with only half of that including riding.... SUCKFEST!  And it wasn't due to mechanicals, it wasn't due to impassible trails... it was due to a "guide" who was a self described "expert rider."

So here is the question... when should we ride with riders we meet on the trail, and when should we say - "yeah no thanks"?

As I hit the trail I felt good, and although the trails aren't really marked and a map is likely somewhat useless, I was not worried about finding my way.  I started up at College Rock and quickly descended into the main trail system (wasn't really looking forward to the climb back up).  I came across the "tour guide" and chatted for a second.  I was ready to take off and explore a bit before heading home to make dinner when he suggested we ride together.  Having never been here I figured, a local would be great to show me the goods... what I didn't realize is that this "expert" rode with an equal time method... ride a little and rest a bunch.  I was DYING!!  Even when I said I should be heading back he still took a plethora of breaks... I would have much rather been carrying a plethora of pinatas hanging from my helmet while grinding up rocky singletrack for 5 long miles... but no.  Instead I was stuck in the middle of who knows where with a slow, break time, guide.

He was a nice guy, I will give him that... but the pace was unbearable.  I enjoyed the trails themselves, VERY rocky, pretty technical, and the freeride section was INSANE!!!  But there was enough for the xc crew out there to get some miles in while testing your technical abilities.  I will be back, at a much faster pace, for sure... but I think it will be SOLO.

Join my frustration:
Note: I took the rode back to the car because sooo much time was wasted and I needed to get back home before it was bedtime!!!!!!!!!

Since I missed making dinner I will end this short and go cuddle with Annie while I try to get over the disappointment that has swept over me from the "ride."

Side not... low pressure was AWESOME on these trails.  At one spot while climbing over  rocks I saw my tire just compress almost to the rim (to be honest I was worried it was going to loose the bead) and kept on rolling.  So SWEET!!  So a big THANKS goes out to TJ for offering some advice to make the whole process easy and painless (not to mention saving me from going out and buying specific tires for the conversion).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bike Shop Elitists

I haven't written in awhile, therefore the events that took place to fodder this post happened about 3 weeks ago...but let's just pretend it was this past weekend, 'k?

So last Saturday (wink, wink) Michael and I took in a ride at Cutler park in Newton or Needham or one of those other expensively manicured Boston suburbs that make me cringe at the otherwise tolerable filth of Southie once we return home.

The ride was fun and easy. We circled the lake a few times, and the smooth trail gave me an opportunity to actually race Michael a bit. I use a "bit" because once Michael realized we were racing the race was pretty much over. But being able to relax and play around on the bike was a nice break from the fully focused, not wanting to crash, "oh shit there's more rocks on this hill then in all of West Virginia" mode that I usually operate within. Also, the most adorable little dog broke free from his owner's hands and chased us at full speed, which is officially the cutest thing that has ever happened on the trail.

But more to my point, this outing marked the first ride where I wore shorts and a tank top while also being the first ride where I learned that if you stop-- mosquitoes will eat you, and when you ride -- bugs fly into your eyeballs (since we are in pretend mode about the date of this event, let us also pretend that the grammar and sentence structure in that last bit wasn't totally ridiculous).

So, it became clear that I need to coat myself in bug spray pre-ride and that a trip to the LBS was in order to purchase some riding glasses. Unfortunately, Michael and I weren't able to make it to our usual bike store, so we stopped at Laundry's on Rt. 1.

Ok, I'm going to talk a little shit.

I know that there are people that take biking VERY SERIOUSLY, so when I go into a bike store with my limited knowledge and even more limited experience I understand that I might get some eye-rolling or confused head tilts from the employees. However, there's a huge difference between thinking I'm silly for wanting a specific colored helmet and trying to convince me to buy a $250 pair of glasses in order to please the elitist biker/clerk.

The second we reached the counter with the glasses, the guy quickly pulled out the most expensive pair he had (more expensive than my everyday designer glasses) and proceeded to tell me about all their magical traits. "They adjust their tint to the outer brightness", "They are light as a feather", "Any water beads up and rolls off of them". That last one almost made me laugh, since I'm pretty sure all water beads up and rolls off of vertical, smooth, impermeable surfaces.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with someone trying to sell something to me, but the tone and facial expressions of this guy were textbook "elitist". He was making it very clear that if I didn't buy these glasses then I wasn't a biker worthy of his time or respect. Luckily, his sales pitch gave Michael just the right amount of time to break away to snatch up a cheaper pair that wasn't (gasp!) in a glass case. I tried on the pair Michael brought over and decided they were going to work. The clerk guy gave me a disapproving look then said, "You really want to go with these?" then turned to the register while letting out the longest sigh of annoyance I have ever heard.

So I learned my lesson: Stick with your preferred bike shop. I also learned that a $60 pair of riding glasses does the job perfectly for this newbie. Also, I splashed water on them and wouldn't you know it, the water rolled right off! It was the damnedest thing.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy busy

Friday after work I got a ride in at Blue Hills.  I planned on it being a quick ride so I didn't throw the heart rate monitor on, and I kinda wish I had.  I instantly noticed the new Ignitor on the back of the HiFi as soon as I hit the sandy trail from the parking lot to the trailhead.  How could I notice a difference that quickly you may ask?  Well it's simple really.  I'll admit, at first I didn't know it was the tire - I thought I was getting attached by a swarm of ravenous mosquitos!!!  The tread on the tire was throwing sand up into the back of my helmet!!  But I must say, a combo of the new tire and running lower pressure due to the tubeless set up had me leaning my bike over more confidently on downhill turns, it was AWESOME!!

The first half of the ride I rode the "tamer" white loop.  The second half I hit the yellow loop and took the "hill" - that is where I would have loved to check out my heart rate.  It starts off with a grind up a service road.  The pitch steepens once it breaks off from the service road and gets much rockier.  I didn't make the whole deal without hiking (but I was pleased with how far I did make it).  Honestly, the last bit hits some rocks that I don't know how you'd clear unless you had lungs and legs of steel... maybe one day.  I hadn't ridden Blue Hills in a while, and I think this was only my second time on the yellow loop but things were very different this time.  It all started with that initial climb. So I'm not sure if it is my fitness is better, or because I was riding the HiFi this time, or a combo of the two... but I seemed to take both the climbs and the decents much better.

Saturday Annie wanted to focus on planting in the back yard so I was left to ride alone.  I didn't really feel like packing up the car (and couldn't decide where I wanted to ride anyway) so I took a ride along the Charles.  Friday afternoon while I was out on my ride we received a package... a new Drift HD170 Stealth Camera, so I took my easy ride as an opportunity to see what I could do with the camera.  I didn't really want to attach the camera to my helmet, and the only other option was handlebar mount... not my ideal mount (I have straps on order to provide better angles in the future) but I figured I'd test out picture quality.  Unfortunately the whole thing was filmed sideways... I guess I wasn't paying attention and didn't appropriately rotate the lens to accommodate how the camera was attached to the handlebars.  But things looked pretty good, even over some rooty mess I hit at the mid-point of my ride.

I ended up riding 38.26 miles and my legs were done when I got home.  What really hurt was having to stop for lights on the way back.  Whenever I had to stand and wait I could feel my legs just burning and wanting to cramp.  The way my legs felt I half expected to wake up the next morning to find my thighs had doubled in size over night!  I rode the 4300 and even though I brought along a spare tube (as I caught a flat last time I rode the Charles) and tire levers, I left my pump on the HiFi... I even forgot my multi tool!!  Wasn't an issue for me, but on my ride I came up on a guy repairing his pull behind baby carrier and I paused to ask if he needed help.  He said he was cool so I continued on, and that is when I realized I didn't have anything that would have been useful in helping him - namely a pump or multi tool!

Sunday Annie was raring to go so we headed out to Wompatuck.  We hit some singletrack and again Annie showed she can handle it - even though, like all beginners, she doubts herself from time to time.


Friday, June 3, 2011

western dreamin

Media Fridays
We'll posts videos or photos that will hopefully inspire trail shredding weekends.

These trails are just so different from the trails we get to ride here... looks like a totally different experience.  A trip out west seems to be in order!  
Oh, and not to mention a super catchy song!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All is good...

Memorial Day weekend Annie flew down to Austin to visit a friend.  This left me with a couple options.  1. Take the dogs and bike down to Connecticut for a family cookout and explore trails down there.
2. Do the unthinkable and go ride Kingdom Trails with the masses that were sure to arrive for the weekend.
3.  Stay in Southie, get some rides in, find some activities for the dogs, and surprise my lovely wife by fixing up the back "yard" after the mess of a state it was in post-winter.

I went with lucky number 3.  I wasn't the only one to stay in Southie for the weekend.  Lot's of fun had by all.

I got one ride in... and it was a haul of a ride.  I went down to Oxford MA - almost 3/4 the way to my parents house in CT - to ride Hodges Dam (the site of an upcoming race).  I searched the internets to find any clue as to a race course, but alas I came up empty handed.  I figured a long weekend was a good excuse to take an hour drive to ride and explore the area, at least I'd get a feel for the terrain.

It was a fun ride, a hot ride.  A lot of motorcycle activity, but the trails were good.  Nothing technical, although it was littered with rocks and roots.  In about an hour I rode most of the trails.  I found myself back at the car so I called Annie to check in on how her trip was going before I hit the trails again to catch an option I hadn't hit the first time through.  I didn't want to end with just an hour on the trails when the ride out was an hour.  I created a new rule.  Ride time must be greater than half of the commute time.  I thought about equalling commute time, but I did have to get back to do parts B and C of my weekend.

Ran to Home Depot and got a bunch of mulch and top soil.  
Maggie checking our the new ground cover while Scout...
who knows what Scout is ever doing?

I had built some planter boxes at the end of last summer but never got around to actually utilizing them... so I got them ready for planting with some fresh top soil (I'd let Annie decide what she wanted in them).  While working I noticed our dwarf pear tree, which I planted when I first did major work on the "yard" two years ago, is finally showing signs of pear production.

mmm fresh Southie produce

After I got the "yard" in order I ran to the package store to pick up some beers... needed a refreshment after a good ride and some solid labor.  Then off for a walk with the dogs.  They were super excited, but did well on the walk.  We made our way down to a local dog park to find that the gate had been chained up and now adorned "no trespassing" signs... oh well.  The dogs were panting from the heat so we continued on to make a big loop back home.  They rested well that night.

Update:  The pterodactyl is back and road worthy, and it was covered by my extended warranty so I get to keep my $1100 - hells yes!!!  But of course you never escape unscathed.  My rear shocks are leaking (quoted as almost $700 for parts and labor) but they didn't have the parts, and my front brakes are down to 25%.... so sooner than later I'll be back in there.  Blarg.

Annie picked me up as it looked like I'd be sitting there for a while and we grabbed some lunch in the area.  Close by was a bike shop... one that I normally like to keep away from (just not the best experiences there in the past) but decided to check out what tires they had there.  Grabbed this guy for the rear.
you can see the sealant doing it's thing.

 As you see, got the HiFi all set up tubeless and ready to go.  I'm not going to lie, I'm still not 100% confident with the whole deal.  I'm worried there isn't enough sealant in either tire, only time will tell (I used all I have thus far... I'll likely add more at some point just to be certain).  I did take a quick spin around the neighborhood, hopped some potholes and took it over some curbs and so far so good.

The guys at the shop had good things to say about the Ignitor, and it looks a tab more aggressive than the JonesXR I had, so I went with their recommendation.  If things go well, may find some new rubber on the front wheel before the end of the season - only time will tell.  

After I got my bike all set up I threw on some new fun on Annie's Wahoo.  You won't get any details from me here, (I've learned my lesson!) but look for Annie to give you the low down sometime soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Memorial Day weekend recap can wait.

Tuesday after work: got my tubeless kit, got myself an air compressor, ready to go.

Presta valves are a bit annoying without a "proper" attachment for the compressor (so I guess I have to get me one) but having a removable core works, kinda.

Get my front tire done and set, sealant in (with some spillage of course) and things are looking good.  Go and throw some air in the back tire to make sure it's seating and as I'm screwing the valve core back in I hear air rushing out still.... what the??  Nice freakin hole in the sidewall.  No idea where that came from - but might explain that "slow leak" that I was confused about...  So now the whole project is on hold while I get myself a new tire.

Luck be a lady tonight - got an email from pricepoint, they are having a sale on tires - I'll check that out to see if I might get a "deal" on this whole mishap.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback on some good 29er tires (rear).  Wasn't really feeling the tires that came on the HiFi anyway.

Kinda how I feel right now.

Oh... and I'll be at the dealership this morning for probably 5 hours getting the pterodactyl fixed.  

Let's end on a happy note.  
My buddy from WV is coming up the 17th and we'll be hitting Kingdom Trails.