Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Ugly, The Good, and The Bad

So here it is, installment number 3.

As I mentioned yesterday, The Ugly comes in with a crash.

Sunday I was riding Sherman Branch, one of a few local trails actually open with all the rain we've been having.  My first lap was good, but littered with stops to continue the search for the creak.

After my first lap I removed the broken water bottle cage and decided that I would go out for more.  I hadn't ridden in a while and (aside from the noise) was loving the ride.  Bad choice.

I was on Roller Coaster and everything was fun.  I flew through the first section and was back into the field area where I was just cooking it.  My back wheel kicked up a stick/branch which SMACKED my left calf.  Brakes were applied with much force and I stopped right away.  OUCH!!  That hurt - but more concern was for my rear wheel.  All spokes seemed fine, but THAT will leave a bruise (it did).  I pick up speed and head into a banked right turn over a gravel path.  The turn was banked with wooden boards.  Again, I was pushing the limit with my speeds and my front wheel started to wander a little too high...

Before I knew it my front wheel was ON the top of the boards, hit a joint in the board wall and slipped to the far side of the boards... rider down.  As my wheel went off the backside of the turn I was ejected from the bike.  Arms outstretched I was superman for a minute.  I tried to clear my body from my bike and then it happened - the classic elbow vs. gravel battle.

Kinda fitting I was wearing my Blood Sweat and Gears kit... 2 out of 3 isn't bad...
The gravel won.  Even through the blood you can see the embedded debris.

Quick check of the Glow Worm and everything seems to be ok.

Blood is moving quick so I decide riding isn't the best decision.  It appears that blood is also streaming down my wrist, I lift my glove and see a nice gash on my palm as well - gripping and handlebar isn't so much fun.  I bushwhack briefly to access a "fireroad" of sorts that leads back towards the trailhead.  The Ugly rears it's head as I now know I picked up some poison ivy on my other arm... yay for me!

I spray off with my water bottle and attempt to remove my jersey without getting blood all over it - fail. A few people in the parking lot offer ice and water, but I politely decline as I just want to get out of there.  I get home and Annie isn't pleased with the sight of my arm.  She tells me to go shower and then she'll help clean it up.

AYE!  As soon as I step into the shower my thigh BURNS.  I BARELY have a raspberry on my right thigh (must have been the top tube or handlebars) but the water stings me.  I wash the blood away from my arm, the water and soap feel fine.

I call Annie in to help further clean and bandage my arm

All fresh wounds - that one on my elbow is full of gravel/dirt

My brother suggested that a "bobcat attack" would make for a better story
All bandaged up
 This morning I took a shot of my thigh.  Looks as thought I'll have two pretty good bruises there.  That red line... yeah, as I said before it was barely a raspberry initially, no broken skin (at least to the naked eye).  Sore like a motherF.

I woke up at 5:30 am Monday morning because the pain of my arm wouldn't let me sleep any longer.  Ibuprofen helps.  It seems to be doing ok, but the thought of riding and sweating into the wound didn't sound like the best plan so I skipped the weekly social ride - sorry guys.

Other than the swollenness around the wounds, I can tell that my elbow itself is swollen - hopefully just from impact.  My arm does feel a little weaker than normal (grip wise) but I don't feel any pain of anything more seriously damaged than just ripped flesh so fingers crossed everything heals up well.  I try to keep the bandage off during the day as the wound gets really gross when covered up - yuck!

I'll be back before we know it I'm sure.  I was able to bend back the front brake pretty well.  A small little clip of the corner of the pad with each rotation but that will work itself out I'm sure as it doesn't slow the wheel.  It's the best I could do.  If braking is compromised then a new rotor will be acquired.

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