Wednesday, July 10, 2013

when social is

too social.

We were FINALLY able to get in a ride ON a trail after all the constant raining we've had.  We hit up BYT.  It was in pretty good shape, all things considering.  A few wet spots, a little slickness out there, but definitely good to go.

I got over to the trail real early with the idea that I would get in about an hour or so of riding before the group ride.  That was, until, I realized I had left my jersey at home.  It being a social ride, I couldn't just wear my t-shirt as I'd need something for the post ride festivities.  So, back to the house - right in the thick of traffic - to get my jersey and haul ass back to the trail to make it on time for the ride.  No extra riding : (

Had a good sized group with a couple riders having never ridden BYT before, including one who hadn't been mountain biking before!!  For those who aren't local, BYT would have to be our most technical and challenging trails around.  It's the kind of trail that can beat you down physically and mentally.

The group split up from the start with the idea that we would meet up periodically throughout the trail.  Before the first meet up spot there was a flat.

As soon as he landed you could hear air blowing out of his front tire.
Luckily another rider (on a 29er) had a spare 26" tube to get him back up and running.  The flat fix pulled the social group back and left the fast guys itching to go... so they went.  We made our way through half the trail out there before it was getting a little too dark out in the woods and we decided to make our way out to get food and beverages.

It was great seeing everybody since I haven't been out in what seems like forever... but I stayed out way too late.  Getting up this morning was hard on both my mind and my body... good thing I'm basically just watching training videos on the new computer system for the school all day - fun!  


  1. choosing a jersey over a pre ride, disappointed in you broski

  2. It was hot and I actually thought about riding shirtless, but figured I might frighten some people in bibs and no shirt!

  3. indeed I guess with only that option you made the right choice