Friday, November 14, 2014


It has been a while.
It seems like I still get some page views...

Maybe there are people out there who are hopefully waiting for the day that I say my shoulder is good and I'm back at it, so they faithfully check my blog?  Thanks for the support!

Or maybe it is some fans of TheMutt since he mentioned me last week.  Although, when he mentioned me it was to say that I hadn't been blogging, so I'm not sure why anyone would follow that link?  Maybe they had no idea who I was and thought he was actually linking to the famous Eastwood.

No, probably not that one... this one.

Nah, I can't imagine that Dirty Harry has much use for the Blogging... although he allowed his family to do that horrible reality show... ugh

So anyway, you are here.  Now.  And stuck with me - a biker not a hockey player or a badass.

So since I've been gone from the blogging sphere I've learned a couple of things that I would like to share.

Physical Therapists are freaking amazing.  Who knew that some guy holding my arm pushing down n my shoulder as I lay on a table was actually a miracle worker!?  Three visits to the physical therapist, some manipulation of my shoulder and some exercises and I am making my way back.  I have almost full range of motion back and no more random pain.  My shoulder is still weak as all get out, but I've been cleared to start working on getting my strength back up.  I'm certainly not going to rush it, but that means I can at least be getting into the gym - one step closer to the trails!

So that was the good news people were probably here for anyway.  Feel free to stick around for just a little while longer, I learned a couple of other things that you might be interested in.

I should not work on my bikes without a beer(s).  Whenever I work on my bike without a beer in hand I seem to forget to do some tiny little thing, which of course leads to very annoying big things.  Example:  I was changing gears on the Silk Worm to something a bit more road worthy so I could have a big afternoon - ride out to the BYE to take pictures and heckle and whatnot.  Then the plan was to hit up the Sycamore Brewery grand opening on the way home, ultimately getting back to watch the Georgia game.  Simple switch of cog, checked chains - broke one down to fit properly and out the door.

Pull out of the driveway - three cranks down the road and BAM - chain breaks... INSTANTLY I realize I didn't slap the plate onto the quick link.  I find it in the road - bent.  No problem, I have another one for the other chain... different sizes, the other doesn't fit.  Fiddle with the bent one, get it unbent enough to work.  Until I get to Freedom Park - probably hagfish (maybe more) way there - BAM.  Done.  Link broken.  Walk of shame home.  Annie eventually saved me.

I was bummed, annoyed at myself, and didn't feel like going back out.  Then Georgia decided that it did not want to play defense and lost.  The day was over.  All because I worked on my bike without proper libation.

I like not being on the internerds so much.  Not blogging saves time.  Not blogging also led to me not reading other blogs as much.  Not reading other blogs as much has led to a less faithful use of the fecebooks (not feeling like I need to scroll all the way down to catch up on stuffs).  Not being invested in the facebooks reminded me how awesome it was to not have a cell phone...  I still have a cell phone.  BUT, I'm backing off the socially focused technologies.  I'm not saying I am giving up the blog, but I don't see myself back here consistently once I'm back on the trails.  I think I'll stick with race reports, or big adventure reports... but none of the "normal" stuff - you can get that on TheMutt's blog - my story would be pretty much the same as his anyway since we do a lot of the same stuff (in the future, when I'm riding).

So thanks for all of the support, injury wise and blog wise.  I'll be here now and again - and I'll make sure to let you know on the facebook so you don't get all frustrated by checking here for no good reason.