Monday, July 1, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Strap yourself in for a three day/parter here.  I've got a bunch to talk about and it can all be categorized in one of the above categories.  Let's start the week off with The Good, shall we?

I got something in the mail.  Well, "I" didn't get something in the mail... "Captain Glow Worm" got something in the mail.

Yup, I "won" a little something something just from lurking on the facepages.  D-Wayne sent me a sticker.  If you don't know who D-Wayne is, well... I'll tell you a little about him.  I met him through TheMutt  who, I guess, started an internet bromance with him (not too clear on those details).  Anyway, I met D-Wayne when we rode FATS a little while back and he was nice enough to lend give me some CO2 when I was having flat issues (still owe you!).  Other than being one heck of a guy, D-Wayne is an artist, graphic designer, creator of kick ass stuff.  Don't believe me, check out TheMutts header on his page - yup, D-Wayne all over that thing.   He does all sorts of things, websites, stickers, t-shirts, JERSEYS... go check out his company website for all the good stuff.  Dwayne Hunter Design Company.

Oh yeah, so I won... here, check it out.

It's a kick ass 2" ish (can't find the ruler right now) sticker that would actually look great on a head tube...  hmmmm.  Not sure where I will end up placing it - maybe it will find a home in the bike haven once that is complete... or maybe I can find a bike for it.  Decisions decisions.  

What other The Good things do I have?  Well, I've gotten out riding (some) and am still loving the singlespeed (minus the creak that I'm chasing on the Glow Worm).  It's all kinds of wet, so who knows when I'll be on the trail again... but that's ok.  We still have The Bad and The Ugly to go.  

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