Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back in the saddle

This past weekend Annie and I went riding!

She took a second to refamiliarize herself with her clipless pedals and then we were off. Oh, you forgot?  She's a champ.  We drove out to hit up a section of greenway that I figured would be less populated than some of the sections closer to our house, plus it would give us maximum miles.  We didn't ride everything there was this weekend, but Annie maintained a great pace and had some fun - and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the bottom line.

Bike riding is all about having fun!  How do I know she had fun?  Well, her smile was a dead giveaway.  Also, her witty quips.

It was hot out, but not ass sweat hot out.  Yet, Annie attempted to point out that I was sweating out my ass early on in the ride.  I reminded her what happens when you ride through a puddle - minds were eased.  I went on to explain that water/mud can be shot up ones back and even affix to the back of your helmet.  From there the conversation went downhill... fast!

Annie proclaimed that she could be a bike injury detective/doctor a la House.  (a bit of back story; of course the water/mud on ones back has now turned to poop)  A patient comes in with poop splattered up their back.  She would walk in, while everyone else is stumped as to how someone would get poop splattered up their back and ask one simple question.

How'd they get poop up their back?
Do you ride a bike?

BOOM!  Dr. Annie just rocked everyone's world as the patient hesitantly (with a confused look on their face) says yes.  You see, the ONLY way to get poop splattered up your back is to shit yourself while endoing.  And, as we know, you endo on a bike.

wait for it...
Not only was our ride the re-emergency of Annie in the bike world, but we solved a medical mystery.  You are welcome.

We will likely be tearing up greenways for a bit to get Annie her legs and lungs back before getting into the local trails.  Good times ahead people!

Why didn't Annie tell us all about her ride, you ask?  Good question.  Seems I've been left to helm this ship solo style.  Maybe she'll "guest" write in the future, but you are pretty much stuck with me.

Don't worry, she didn't endo so that is just mud.

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