Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the coast is clear

Sunday night/Monday morning I was on doggie stomach/butt duty.  Maggie had some "issues" we'll call them (and you'd thank me for calling it that if you actually knew what was going on over here), so I wasn't able to write anything since I was watching and readying for an emergency vet visit.  Thankfully things rectified themselves...  yeah, I said rect-ified.

Anyway, I'm not sure what the cause was for the stomach/butt action that was going on - but I have a feeling it might have to do with my new wheels... let me explain.

I came home from work on Friday and spotted something on the front porch.

I approve the hiding job of the delivery guy - using the "stone" bench for cover, nice!
I couldn't be 100% sure what it was... maybe Annie had ordered some hats?

Not Annie, Not her hat
Nope, it's them!

I brought the wonderful boxes inside and got right into them.  I found some glorious things... and then brought them right back outside.

Very sexy wheels.  Keepin it classic with the black and white.
during the build I had the original rim decals removed and replaced with wheel builder decals.
very clean
Hope Pro2 EVO hubs
Ordered some rubber with them.  Ardent in the front, Ignitor in the rear.
They look even better dressed and ready to roll!
I carefully put sealant in - didn't want any globby stains on the beautiful rims - and the tires set up with a floor pump.  It was magnificent*.  I have my brakes and headset on the way, and with the arrival of those items I should be able to get the build pretty much done - or at least looking like a bike.  It all came down to getting the wheels in to "get me rolling" on the build.  OOOOOOHHHH hohoho I said it. Wheels... getting me rolling...


So, how could my wheels be implicated in doggie stomach/butt issues??  Well, not the wheels themselves, but the sealant.  Some spilled in the grass outside the garage as I was measuring it out and I have to wonder if Maggie ingested some - I think that would certainly do the trick in messing up a system.  I'm not sure what it was really, but she never acted like anything was wrong - other then going outside pretty frequently.

Using pillows like people.

*I actually only attempted to set the tires up with the floor pump because on first glance it looked as though the valves did not have removable cores - my air compressor doesn't have a proper bike attachment so I normally just blast air through the open core to set the tires... I must have missed the removable core because they were just so shiny and new I didn't want to mess with them, but upon second inspection they sure do have removable cores.

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