Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not today

Yesterday I had planned on finally hitting up Goat Hill.  Of the many times I've ridden at the Whitewater Center I'd never found Goat Hill.  Apparently, I'd ridden right by it many, many times.

During last week's group ride the entrance and exit to the trail were pointed out to me.  Since we were on a social ride we weren't about to torture ourselves with the climb... the kind of climb one could expect from a name like Goat Hill.

Armed with the knowledge of it's whereabouts I planned on tackling that bad boy to see what all the fuss was a bout.

Plans change.

I clearly didn't drink nearly enough water throughout the day yesterday.  How do I know this?  A bike ride in the heat - quick indication as to your current hydration level (or lack thereof).  I finished a bottle just halfway through the ride... an 8ish mile ride...  I took a picture to commemorate the devouring of my water (I actually finished the water in the bottle as I was taking the picture).

I did, however, get to ride another section of trail that was pointed out to me on the last group ride.  There is a sign... just not for it.

The arrow pointing straight indicates that the main trail continues straight - you don't say?  But, there seems to be an arrow missing pointing to the right... which is easy to miss as you fly down the main trail.  I have previously noticed the trail out of the corner of my eye, but never knew what it was or where it went.  Yesterday I was sure to explore.

Yup, it's a legit trail.  Signed just off the main trail.  It was a fun little loop.  At first it was fast and smooth, then you get into some roots and rocks, and before you know it you're back onto the main trail just before Toilet Bowl.

I had planned on skipping Toilet Bowl because it can be a beast sometimes, but after pausing to take pictures I just went for it.  It was fun.  But when the phone started ringing a dilemma appeared before me.  Typically when the phone rings while I'm riding I can pretty much bet it's Annie.  Typically, she's checking in because I've been out for "too long" and she wants to make sure I'm still alive.

Usually I'll let the phone ring and wait until I get to a natural stopping point and not just stop on the trail.

Today I decided to take the call, and take the break!  Annie was going to ask me to pick up dog food on the way home - already done!  Back to riding.  Plan was to finish up Toilet Bowl and head back to the parking lot - and follow that plan I did!

It was great to be out, but I was disappointed at the brevity of the ride.  Nothing I could do about it really, the heat and lack of hydration demolished me and by the end of the ride my head was pounding. The good news is that today should be a short day for me so I'll be pounding waters and heading back out for round 2 and 3 today.  Goat Hill will be MINE!

When I got home from the ride I had a package, complete with cursive handwriting.

I like the variation of all caps in the return address and thoughtful cursive for mine.

What was in the box you ask?  I'll tell you, but only if you ask nicely.


This little piece of glory was in the box... and is now on the shelf, awaiting the big build day.

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  1. You will not be disappointed. The 110 is the end all be all of headsets.