Tuesday, April 16, 2013

stop it

After the headset came... which was glorious but underwhelming small to Annie and my brother - they figured with a name like"headset" it's be some massive part of the bike... I got some stopping power.  

I'm still not 100% on the reasoning for the different sized boxes, because the 180 fits in the smaller box - I checked.   

But there we have them, 180 up front, 160 in the rear.  Oh, and of course, got them in white.

I have a group ride tonight that I'm really looking forward to.

First and foremost, I need a ride.  Could have really used one after yesterday's day...  so I'll be looking forward to getting out there and having some fun in the dirt.  I always say that a good ride can totally wipe away a day of work - fingers crossed for a good ride.  As it turns out Tuesdays are my late day at work so as the trail selection choice changes things will get super tight for me making it on time.  Tonight should be fine as it is on my work side of town.  Who knows, maybe I can sneak in there a little early and get a little solo ripper in.

Secondly, it's about time to get this build moving forward.  Hopefully Good Guy Greg will be in attendance so I can set a time up to get together with him and build this bad boy up!


  1. elixir 5s don't review well for some reason, but I rode them the last two days since they're on my tanuki and dayummmm I might get them over the shimano I planned. Enjoy!

    1. Yeah I've noticed the reviews, but I have them on my HiFi with no issues. A buddy of mine said he prefers his 5s over his XOs. Plus, the price is much nicer for the 5