Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It was great

Ok, so I'm STILL not going to talk about the adventure I had on Saturday... maybe tomorrow.  Today I have to talk about yesterday, because it was such a great day.

I rode so much after work yesterday that it almost felt like it was a weekend.  There is something magical about riding that can totally wipe away your work day - it is phenomenal.

I got out a little early yesterday, and since the group ride was planned for USNWC, which is on my way home from work, I had time to kill.  I decided to treat myself to an extra ride on my birthday so I went over and hit up Poston.  

Poston was looking good, and had seen some love from the trail gnomes... there was actually someone out working on a berm (a new berm if I'm not mistaken) while I was riding, so I said my "hi" and "thank you" as I slowed and went by.  Over on the mountain side of things the jumps are popping up.

A nice rock drop/launch into a berm
I took the "traditional" path to the left... the right, well that's for a different breed of rider.
Quite the gap for the daredevils among us.

Towards the end of the ride it felt like my bike kept getting a bit squirrely as I was winding through some tight stuff... eventually my handlebar got snagged on a trail side sappling and I had to bail as I was now headed straight for a proper tree.  No damage.  A little knuckle scrape to remind me that the trail can get you, even on your birthday.

After the ride I checked what I thought might be the culprit... VERY loose spoke in the front wheel... Now, I'm not sure that one super loose spoke can cause enough flex to throw off your handling (maybe the suspicion in my head was enough to throw me off on the trail) but I had to remedy the situation before ride number two.  I finger tightened it and then used pliers (spoke tool was at home) to stiffen the spoke back up.  I'm sure the whole things needs to be looked at now as I'm sure the tension of the other spokes have taken a hit from supporting Mr. Loose over there.  But, everything seemed to be back in order on the second ride after giving my wheel a little love.

season pass has almost paid for itself
I got over to the Whitewater Center early, so I decided to keep the wheels rolling.  I hit up East Main since we typically don't touch that side on group rides, and it was fun.  It felt different then I remember, but it's been a while since I rode that section so I couldn't tell if things had actually changed over there.  I could definitely feel it in my legs as I was out there and I was thankful that the group ride was going to be a very social one as I didn't want to be stuck in a suffer fest for the ride.  

We had a pretty big group out there and TheMutt did a great job setting the pace and leading us around.  With light fading the route decisions had to be made on the fly.  I'd say we made it back to the parking lot just in time (a rider was heading out with his lights).  

Almost back to the lot

It was a great day riding.  After the ride people were heading out to a local establishment for food and beverages.  I opted to head home.  Annie wouldn't have minded if I did go out after the ride, and that is the reason why I went home - to spend some time with her.  I am very lucky to have such a supportive and understanding wife.  I guess we are all in the same boat - or else we wouldn't be riding as much as we do and loving every minute of it.  Just remember to thank them!

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