Monday, April 15, 2013

I wasn't there

This weekend there were some bike races in town.  Some local and national road crits to be exact.  I had planned on checking them out for multiple reasons.  One, they were held just a few miles from our place.  Two, my in town riding buddies were going.  Three, the Velo16 BSG guys were coming in to town to watch as well.  Four, probably some great picture opportunities.  Five, packs of riders going fast and all crashing together sounds kinda like the appeal of NASCAR.

But, I didn't attend.  My parents had just arrived in town on Saturday so time was spent with them.  I know TheMutt watched and participated (in his own, very special, way) so you can check out his blog for the insiders scoop.  Had I not forgotten about the NoDa grand prix on Sunday, I would have checked that out.  Instead I went for my own road ride.  Shorter then I had planned because by the time I was leaving time was becoming a factor - Annie wanted to check out another open house.  It's getting to be the real deal looking for a house time.  It's fun, but kinda stressful as we are looking to stay in this neighborhood - so we are at the mercy of what pops up on the market the next few months.

So, on the ride I rode, which ended up being my "standard" loop, I was happy and disappointed.  Happy that I felt pretty strong throughout the ride.  And the weather was nice, not too sunny and hot - but sunny enough that I still got some nice burn on (NEED that cycling cap stat!).  Disappointed that it didn't smell like onions on the ride.  I went by the fields that always held that wonderful smell, and there was nothing in the air.  Kind of a bummer as the smell always provided a nice pick me up.

Oh, I got another box in the mail last week... but I'll tell you about it tomorrow.  I also have another race coming up this weekend, so I'll talk about that at some point this week as well.

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