Monday, April 1, 2013

Crazy things happen

As of late I've had two discussions regarding the logic behind having breweries sponsor riders/teams.  I mean, seriously.  Mountain biking and beer go hand in hand - hopefully not hand and handlebar... but post ride brews are pretty common.  Throw your brewery on my jersey and I'd happily talk you up and hand out cold ones after a ride/race.  And more than likely, you'll have riders lined up happy to oblige in "tasting" your fresh offerings.

Yesterday, since we had a bit more rain roll through, I took to the the streets.  While at a stop light a woman rolled down her window and asked, "what are you riding for?"  I was caught off guard by the question at first... what an odd question.  It's one of those things that you don't actively think about when you are a bike rider... you just ride!  I shrugged and said "for fun."

"REALLLYYY?" was her reply - a bit overdramatic if you ask me.  She went on to tell me she was working on some sort of project for work and asked if I would mind if she asked me a few questions.  I thought this was very strange, but I agreed.  We pulled into a plaza just past the light and she goes on to explain that she is in charge of a campaign for active and healthy lifestyles for her company.  She asked the types of questions you'd expect, what activities do you participate in, how often do you ride, etc.  Then she started asking some somewhat related questions, what do you do for work, do you have kids, etc.  Then she asked some not so related questions, have you ever been arrested, or had any negative press, etc?

Negative press??  I wasn't aware I was running for office?

Before she concluded she asked if she could take a picture of me.  She rambled something about so she could have proof that the interview was real.  "Sure."  She snapped a couple pictures, and then a close up.  What turned out to me being nice and helping out was starting to give me a strange feeling.  She seems a little TOO interested at this point.

She handed me her card and said that she was interested in having me come into the office to meet with her team.  They are working on a campaign to build a healthy image for a certain donut chain that many of my New England friends "run on."  This afternoon I'll be sitting down with them to see where this thing goes...

Who knows, maybe I'll have a new career and replace that dude "Jared" as the "normal guy" pushing food on TV.

Well, it isn't beer... but maybe you'd like a donut?

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