Wednesday, April 10, 2013

riding and...

Not much going on over here (other than excited anticipation as my headset should arrive today, brakes by friday).

I didn't get to join in on the group ride last night as I was busy doing grown up things with the Mrs., namely house hunting.  Still a little early for us to full on jump into the scene, but a property popped up we had to see.  It was pretty sweet, nice garage/workshop that is currently owned and loved by a mountain biker (Fuel Ex 9.8 in the garage).

The other day I got a message in regards to my post on the forums about having taken pictures for the Cat1 racers at the Bouldergeist.  I sent out what I had of the racer, and received a nice thank you from him (which is always nice!)

I do enjoy taking pictures after I race.  Its easy to pick a spot to grab pictures after having ridden the course as I already have an idea of the flow, the challenges, etc.  For Cat 1 races it's nice because there are typically multiple laps so I can get to a few different spots to take in the action.  I do my best to get everyone at each spot so each rider has multiple shots in different areas.

Fight for the lead (first location)
always grab air for the camera!
Backside of the first location - a two for one opportunity!
On the way to the second location I caught the lead
The "real" second location
   The course was a little difficult to follow walking since it was so winding in sections so I only got 3 legit shot selections for each rider (but multiple pictures per location) which isn't bad I suppose.  Racing, taking pictures and cheering on riders, pretty good day for a mountain biker!


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    1. Oh it was so much fun!! Really reminded me of NE riding - and the Boneyard prepared me well to kill their rock garden climb