Tuesday, April 2, 2013

out with the Bird

So it looks like no one truly fell for my post yesterday.  Of course I'm not going to be the future DD spokesman.

So, I've got all this stuff to talk about from just one monstrous Saturday adventure, but today will not be the day to start that.  Today is my birthday.  

The Larry Bird year is no longer

You're up Ray

I've finally caught up to my USAC license, I'm 34 (if you hadn't already figured that one out...).

What's on tap for my birthday?  A ride.  Perfect way to start the year if you ask me.  This week my wheels should be on there way to me as well... the hubs are in.  And yes, those are MY hubs.

Annie already gave me her gifts in case I wanted to utilize them for/before my ride tonight.  She got me a gift card to a local shop and a jersey.  Her hope is that I will be able to get a new pair of bike shoes with the card.  Shoes can get expensive, and I might have to return the jersey as well in order to acquire some, but we shall see what kind of shoes they have in the store.  The jersey is more of a relaxed jersey then I am typically used to but it is really neat.  It is very soft, it has some sweet sweat vents in the underarms/sides, and of course has three pockets in the back.

If I can swing some new shoes at a decent price I may be able to hang onto the jersey as well... otherwise it gets cannibalized to the greater cause of the bike shoes.

And a side of good news... it looks like Good Guy Greg has all the tools necessary to get the One9 up and running... so that means I (with his help) can get everything installed and done!  Very sweet.  Remaining parts to be ordered very soon!!


  1. happy birthday, looking forward to seeing that SS ride all built up. Looks like your going for a pretty nice build

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm excited about it. I'm trying to put it together in a way that I won't get upgrade-itis anytime soon