Thursday, April 4, 2013

ride extravaganza

Yes, I will talk about Saturday now.

The plan had been to meet up at the Whitewater Center for a 2 lap (40 mile) ride.  After work on Friday I stopped at the WWC and got in a ride, I needed it.  It also gave me a first hand look at how torn up some of the trail had been by the recent Spartan Race held there in some poor weather.  Although most of the middle of the trail was "fixed" the sides of the trails were torn up, covered with foot holes (deeper then foot prints).

Saturday I get up and ready only to see that it rained overnight... great, that means the trails will be closed.  I check the forum, I check my phone.  Nothing saying the ride is called off, so I head on over.  On the way I actually check the USNWC website to check the trail status, and it's still open!  SWEET!!  I get to the trail a bit early, so I take my time and get ready.  TheMutt pulls in and asks how long I'd been there.  He then proceeds to tell me that while he was waiting to get through the gate they changed the trail status sign to closed.  WHAT!?  I look up and sure enough, they are throwing the flag up at the trailhead.... ok... now what?

We stood around for a bit waiting for the other riders to show and we watched as the trail was being used for another foot race.  I still couldn't believe they closed the trails as a race was going on and the weather was beautiful, maybe they will open back up??

We heard word that north of us got no rain at all.  A 3 point plan came together, we all jumped in our vehicles and we headed out in a bike totting caravan.  Considering TheMutt and I rode together and are talking about the same events I'll send you over there for some info.  Just think of us as ESPN and ESPN2.  

We first hit up Signal Hill, a place I'd never ridden.  In the parking lot TheMutt described it as the Backyard Trail's little brother, and that was pretty accurate.  It was a fun little trail for sure with a bit of everything.  Irish Luke was loving it, hitting any jump or man made feature he could find.
Irish Luke playing in the pump track.
If you didn't go and check out TheMutt's post about our ride, then you missed the video of Signal Hill.  So, here's a link directly to the video so you can see some of the features they have out there.

After our ride the plan was to visit a local gem.  (Here comes a picture tour!!)

We took the VIP entrance... er, the back door (we had beer)
We took a quick glance and decided that we should eat some food, so we got recommendations on the local fare and headed out to find this little hole in the wall.

Almost felt like we were in a ghost town.
After lunch we returned to First Flight to explore the glory of the Museum of Mountain Bike Art & Technology.  It was fun, check out some of the awesomeness we found.

A shoulder strap, you know, for carrying your bike.

Beer Bottle holder built into the frame.

sweet little choppers
This one is mine!
love the lines - reminded me of Trek's Sawyer
"Fuck'n Fat Chance"

Looks like the perfect short track helmet.

The "All American"

Bike plates... so they cops won't catch you riding dirty

pre-Strava days when you had to track your speed and mileage yourself.

Original "bash" guard... looked like a 2 pound lead plate!

cause... you know...

Want to hang out and read about all the cool stuff you've seen, they've got you covered.  Volumes of bike magazines and bike manuals.  If you are ever in the area stop on by, bring some beer, and spend some time.  I didn't get a picture of it, but they built a porch inside the shop for those that are visiting, so don't be shy!

I'm running short on time, but we DID hit up Lake Norman after leaving the shop.  Good Guy Greg did all of the new stuff off of Laurel and let me tell you it is AWESOME going the "new" direction.  Very nice indeed.  Lot's of fun out there.

Great day overall.  A bit annoyed WWC closed on us, but it was kinda worth it.  I got to ride a new trail, see some really awesome stuff at First Flight/MOMBAT, and had some fun out at LKNSP.

And now... now it's raining.


  1. Excellent write up. It almost felt like I was there.

    Wait, I was.

    1. Very funny. So what do you think, are you ESPN or ESPN2?