Friday, March 29, 2013

work sucks, riding doesn't

Media Fridays
We'll post videos or photos that will hopefully inspire trail shredding weekends.

Long story, but I didn't get to ride yesterday.  

Ok, so not a long story - my team mate "let me have" a client yesterday at the last minute... throwing off my planned day.  This equalled no food all day and a later then expected end to my day.  
Add on top of that the WWC took their sweet time in "opening" their trail (I didn't see that it had opened until I was on my way home - still having eaten nothing) so I wasn't assuming I was going to have an opportunity to ride unless I switched to Poston.  Poston is a lot closer to my work, but since it was later then expected by the time I was out of work, and I still hadn't eatn, the ride got scrapped.   

Can you tell I'm a little bitter?  Anyway.

Have fun, get some miles in this weekend, and please avoid doing this.

From PricePoint's FB page

Here's a little something.  If you like bikes, big air, slow motion, and ladies then you'll probably like this little compilation.

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