Monday, March 11, 2013

Party Pacing Charlotte

Saturday was the very first Tour de Charlotte and it was a blast!  The event was masterminded by the Faster Mustache guys.  Having little/no contact with these guys before the event I wasn't exactly sure what I was in for.  I certainly knew there would be riding, racing, and beer... and of course, there were all three of those.  But the greatest thing about this event was that is was totally and completely inclusive (all types of bikes, levels of riding abilities, etc.).  There were no egos, no attitudes, there was just a it really great vibe right from the get-go.

I'd have to say that this event was a great success.  There were about 91 participants riding through Charlotte together... it must have been a sight to see for those out enjoying the beautiful weather on Saturday.  Numerous times I'd pass families trying to count all the riders going by.  A lot of friendly waving, and we even got a train conductor to blow his horn!

This year the FM guys let us know that this was totally underground and was a big fun group ride/scavenger hunt "non-race."  Next year the red tape will be tackled to make it a more "proper" and permanent fixture.  And, I am very excited for that.  If this year's event is to serve as the baseline for all those to come, then this is an event that you do not want to miss.

I passed on racing this year as I really didn't want my legs failing at the end of the ride after putting in various stages of effort into them throughout the day.  For me, I think that was a fine decision.  Next year?  I'll probably be racing as well.  They had some great little courses out there and mixed up the formats throughout the day.  From a straight up singletrack race, to stages with multiple laps, to the grande finale "death crit" (it was held in the cemetery)

Milling around waiting for the "pre-race" meeting.
The trophies
Rules and regulations

More info... thanks Tim for letting us hang out at your house!

waiting to go.

Soon after the FM guys announced the start a loud bang went off.  Did someone really bring a starter pistol??  Nope, someones tire blew off!!  Quick fix, and we were all ready to roll

Riders in the front
Riders in the rear...  stretching back as far as you can see

Spectating the finish at BYT
Pit stop at the Spoke Easy for some pizza and beer
mmm beer
The fun doesn't stop during the break!

the Death Crit

Post ride fire, food, and beers.
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all those involved in making this happen.  It was a really great event and I for one and looking forward to next year!

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