Tuesday, March 26, 2013


as in, BUMMER.

The news I thought I'd have for everyone today was that I have a new singlespeed wheelset being built up as we speak.  As it is, I don't.

I had my wheels imagined - I9 hubs laced to white Crest rims.  Yesterday my wheel guy (yes, I have a wheel guy) tells me he has to check with his distributor about the I9 since he can't get them directly...  I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Later in the afternoon I get a second email informing me his distributor can't get a hold of a singlespeed hub.  Totally bogus, man.

So I'm presented with other options that I must sit with.  Then, all of a sudden, a thought pops in my head.  What if I can find a hub somewhere on the internets?  I could snatch that bad boy up and send it over to my wheel guy, right?  Maybe... if I could find one.  No one appears to be selling I9 singlespeed hubs.  Not online stores, not people on the ebays or other reputable (or less) internet wheeling and dealing sites.  Maybe your mom is selling one, can you check for me?

Will I be happy with a different hub?  Honestly, at this point I'd be happy with Bontrager hubs just because it would mean I'd be that much closer to riding my freakin singlespeed.  What did I like about the I9s?  Well, the engagement - super quick.  I liked that fact that they are built up in my (new) home state.  I've seen The Mutt in action on the I9s and they are sweet for sure... and of course local legend and international nightmare Dicky has some experience on them... but I guess I can ride something different.

I'll stop whining now.

In all likelihood I'll be going with the Hopes.  Don't feel like taking the step up in price for the Kings.

In other news... I do have "ride" news.  I'm riding tonight after work at the WWC, so there's at least that!  Well, that is that IF the trails are dry enough after the wall of water that fell from the sky on Sunday.

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  1. Wait it out Mike! You'll have that wheel set forever. Go with the I9's