Wednesday, March 13, 2013

work in the woods

I FINALLY got out to put in a little time at... well, it doesn't have a name.  But the Mutt has been talking about it for a bit, so you can pour through his stuff if you want to know a little back story in the trail.  I ran into Tom Tom at the Tour de Charlotte on Saturday and we got to talking and he mentioned he'd be out bright and early the next morning getting in some work before joining up with a group ride at Sherman Branch.  Sounded good to me!

I was late to the trail because I wasn't paying attention to the time change deal... I woke up and thought I was early, and then looked at my phone.  Oh well.  I got my ass in gear and got over to the trail.  I started walking the trail, figuring I'd eventually run into Tom Tom out there at some point.  I didn't bring the bike because I had to run some errands with the wife after doing some work out there.  Let me tell you, even just walking it I could tell this is going to be one sweet trail.  Definitely not a lot of saddle time on this trail as there are a lot of quick ups and turns and challenges, so get your ass out of your saddle and get it done!!

While I was walking I came across this.

And then I made a new friend.

And after that I ran into Good Guy Greg cutting through the woods to the trail ahead of me.  We met up before the bridge work and water rerouting that they had all done a few weeks back, so he gave me a little tour of the rest of the trail.  Tom Tom met up with us as he was walking back to come get us and the tour continued.  I must say, I was impressed.  Impressed with what was already out there, and excited by what is to come.  The potential for this trail is huge.  

I spent my time out on the trail eradicating freshly raked sections of that tiny rooty, stringy, web mess that you find around here.  The type of stuff that trips you as you walk, and can certainly end a ride real quick with the grab of a pedal or derailleur.  When I first started reading the local forums and people would talk about root removal from trails I always pictured legit tree roots... but now I wonder if this is what they were talking about.  I've never supported root removal due to challenge, but I can totally get behind the removal of these tiny roots floating above the tread of the trail.    

Trail work was fun.  Seriously.  I'm definitely down to put in more work out there.  To help clear trail and figure out the routes of what's to come.  Go get out there and help with your local trails, there is no greater feeling (other than riding the trails of course) than giving back.  It gives you a sense of pride and joy just knowing how much fun you, and others, will have on the very trail you are sweating on.  

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