Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yesterday I put my wheel order in.  Estimated (dependent on the arrival of the hubs) Time of Shipment is the end of next week.  Freakin sweet man!

Again, big thanks goes out to Dustin over at Southern Wheelworks.  He was super prompt, answered all my questions with lightening speed and provided a wealth of information to illuminate all my choices.  He really does want to build the right wheels for you, and it shows.  He takes the time to get to know what you are riding, how you are riding, and what you want out of your wheels.

If you need some wheels built up, I would highly recommend getting in contact with Dustin.  I mean, you can't get better then this; from his website:

Pricing is largely up to you: chances are I can build you a great set of wheels for whatever your budget will allow.  I only charge for the parts used to build your wheels, but no additional build fee.

Mountain bike wheels start at approximately $400, and road wheels start at about $300.

Turn around time is pretty damn quick, as we see by my estimated shipping date - which includes about a week lead time to get the hubs in.  I will be sure to put up some photos of the wheels when they arrive.

Today I'll be hitting up WWC after work.  Not sure if it will be a group thing yet or not, but plan on hitting it up on my way home from work as I just put on my season pass sticker and I feel it needs some attention.   Although,  just checked the trail statue (when I went to post the link) and it says the trails are STILL closed.... let's hope that changes by this afternoon.

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