Thursday, March 14, 2013


It starts (for me) this weekend, the Southern Classic Series.
From what my teammate Keith tells me, it's a rocky one.  
photos from the facebook

I'm ok with that as I'm not one to shy away from the rocks.  I miss the rocks.  Well, I say that now, but we'll see what this course is like come race day.  If it is that rocky, that will likely mean speeds will be down.  So it will come down to actual mountain biking and not just a mashfest like the winter short track series - so that is good!    

I'm excited, but since starting the new job it feels like I haven't ridden in forever!!  The winter series seems so far off... it will be interesting to see just where I am fitness wise for this race.  As I'm settling into the new job hopefully I can get some sort of riding schedule fit in there somewhere.  But what better way to start the year off then to just jump in feet first?  

I'm ready.

Oh, I also got my new team kit - so I'll look legit and flashy for the race.  It's race cut (ordered club fit) so I'm glad I've dropped a couple pounds...

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