Monday, March 4, 2013


The weather has been rotten.  Over the last week or so there has been just enough rain to kept the local trails closed.  When it hasn't been raining, it's just been those gloomy grey days that seem to suck motivation right from you.

I had enough of the missed opportunities and waiting and decided to hit the pavement on Saturday.  When I went to bed on Friday I was under the assumption all precipitation would occur in the overnight and the day would be fine.  Fine meaning cold, but dry skies.  When I woke up it was snowing/freezing rain.  Great, there goes another day without riding.

About noon it cleared and the sun seemed to be peaking out.  The weather forecast hung at a 30% chance of rain... it would have to do.  I set myself up with a new route hitting some gorgeous streets I had driven through previously that would then hit up some of my standard route for about a 20 mile circuit.  The plan, hit the circuit twice.  The outcome - a little over a 1/3 accomplished.  As I was heading out away from Uptown everything was gorgeous.  The streets were awesome, the temps were fine.  The sun was "present."  As my route turned my back towards Uptown it looked something like this.  

Yes, Ghostbuster style - minus the lightning.
At first I felt a tiny little droplet.  Ok, straight home before I get caught in.... nevermind.  All of a sudden the skies open up with some friendly freezing rain.  A mixture of both cold ass drops and frozen little bits, FUN TIMES!  I knew I wasn't far from home, yet I still debated stopping in a shopping center or restaurant to try to wait it out.  Stubborn as I am, I did neither.  I pushed on.  My feet were frozen lumps a few blocks away from home.  My legs were absolutely freezing.  My upper body was ok - I guess that's good.

I was in no way prepared for such weather, and that is my fault.  I let the sun trick me into thinking everything would be fine throughout my ride.  I will also say that was the coldest, most miserable I've EVER been on a ride.  My legs were red and itchy, my feet red/purple.  It was ugly.  Jumped in a coldish shower to try to help coax warmth back into me.  All said an done I was fine... just stupid.

Even though it doesn't truly feel it, I still have to respect that it's winter, and winter will bite you.

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