Monday, March 25, 2013

skipped and missed

Thursday I had my bike with me at work and was all ready for a ride.  Initial plans switched from WWC to RRT, that's ok.  RRT isn't on the way home from work, but it's a fun trail.  By the time I was getting out of work I'd have an "awkward" amount of time between arriving at the trail and the group assembling and riding.  Maybe enough time for me to put in a lap and then ride with the group... but in that scenario I might not have enough in the legs/lungs for that second lap (depending on speed).  As this wasn't necessarily a "social" ride I figured I'd be demolished on round two if I were to attempt such a feat.

I spoke with Annie and I could tell she was having the type of week I had... and although riding was my escape, that meant she'd be home alone just waiting.  Knowing that she was ok with me riding made the decision that much easier.  I went home.

Annie is so amazing and understanding.  She gets what riding is to me and what it does for me and she is 100% behind that.  And that is why I decided to skip my group ride to spend just a little more time with her.  It was a good decision.

The rest of the weekend was decided for me.

Saturday morning I had to bring the pterodactyl in for more than I bargained for.  I had just thought to myself I should get this thing in for an xxx mileage service and I started hearing things....  grinding noises on a left turn, grinding noises when braking... ouch.  A few days (and butt clinching, finger crossing driving) later she was in the shop.  Rear brake rotors gone with none (on one side) and VERY little (the other side) brake pads left.  Swell.  And, to top it off... bearings in the right front wheel were pretty much about to seize.  Awesome.

If anything, I was "lucky" to get it in and serviced then.  The drive home was like heaven... feeling so cushy and safe.  The weather actually looked like it was going to clear.  Maybe tomorrow would be nice and I might actually get a ride out of the weekend?

And then I wake up to this.

I guess up north it was snow instead.  Annie and I really did pick the right year to move I guess... I do feel bad for everyone in New England, when the hell is winter going to end?

I can only imagine what the first race of the season is going to look like...  yikes!

WOW, the Root 66 website is looking SWEET!!  Very nice new design.

Ok... maybe no "ride" news tomorrow, but there may be "bike" news... (VERY excited Michael over here!)

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