Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back at it

Yesterday was my first day at the *new job.  Paperwork and whatnot.

Today I'm back at it bright and early for some trainings.

One "cool" thing about the location of the job is that I'm pretty damn close to Poston (which I rode on Sunday) and the WWC is on the way home.  So, right off the bat I have some spots to hit up after work- if logistics work out on any given day.  Although, at the end of the day I could be any number of places through 3 different counties... so we'll have to see how that works out.  But with the time change coming up hopefully that will remedy itself and allow for easier/later riding.  I've always got the light for night riding!

After riding Poston on Sunday with a few teammates I won't mind at all having Poston as a go to after work ride.  Place has some great varied terrain and is "wilder" than most trails around here.  Plus, the locals like to brag that it never closes.  So thumbs up on that.  Sunday was proof of that, pretty snotty in spots.  Tires were caked at the end of each run.

The weather seems to be taking a dive again, which might mean no social night ride tonight... boo that. but, only time will tell.

*New job, as in brand new.  But not new in that, I've done it before in CT.  Or something VERY close.  You know how it is, someone tweaks one things and calls it something different.  Either way... it's a job.


  1. riding spots that close? Never heard of that around here, they really got themselves organized down there, not that it's a bad thing. I do actually kind of like the riding around here cause most the time I feel like I am way out in the middle of nowhere on chunky trails. Goodluck with the new job

  2. Yeah, I def appreciate the trails back up there... a lot more challenge in my opinion. And, THANKS!