Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow in 2012!!

Although parts of New England got dumped on over Halloween, Boston got nothing.  So with the impending snow yesterday and today maybe it was our chance to have a closure on "winter" with some actual snow.  Would I get a snow day the week after vacation??  (I know, I can already hear the boos out there)

No, we got nothing...  Boston, after over spending last year on snow removal, has apparently installed a bubble over the city preventing any snow from reaching the ground.  So the crazy winter continues....

But here we are, March 1st - trail closure day all over the place.  The one positive it many state managed lands have moved to the March ban instead of much longer winter bans that had been present even last year.  There are still a few spots open to ride (when weather appropriate to avoid damaging trails during this wet/thaw cycle) so all is not lost.

Last night I ditched the gym due to prep for painting to be done on the baseboards and trim in our condo and an bit of "stomach fun" that I had going on yesterday.  So, will this delay equal a more favorable weigh in today?? (and by "more favorable" I mean breaking even with my last weigh in...)

Either way... home, paint, gym (heavy leg day), home and maybe paint some more... fun!

This weekend it's going to be in the 50s... tomorrow in the 40s... so trails will be????

I'll be in CT anyway visiting the folks and picking up the dogs... I'll have to call down there to see what conditions are like... maybe I can hit up Case as it's 1. close by and 2. drains well (from what I hear read)

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