Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You fickle...

70-80s last week just dripping with sweat to frozen feet yesterday...

In all honesty, high 40-low 50 is a nice range (typically) for this time of year and I would have no complaints.  BUT, with the unseasonably warm weather we've been having I forgot the proper ride attire for the conditions and my feet were absolutely FROZEN during my ride yesterday.

Still had a fun ride - explored some more of Upton State Forest - took a nice ride out and around a lake in Whitehall State Park.  I stumbled upon the lake and there was a sweet little singletrack shooting around the shoreline so I followed... what I didn't realize was just how big this body of water was!!  A longer side track than I had planned, and with a late start I did get a little nervous I'd be fumbling in the dark to get back to the pterodactyl.  Never fear, I made it back in time. 

After two rides, I'm diggin Upton.  It offers a nice mix of terrain, some decent climbs, plenty of fire roads to bomb, and some nice tight twisty singletrack.  I've also realized that there is much more area to explore, both in and around the forest, and it looks like this place has the potential for some serious miles.

Oh, and the bruises are coming in nicely from the crash at Wompatuck over the weekend...  it sure is mountain biking season!!

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