Monday, March 5, 2012

Season Opener

So last week I took another peek at my race schedule for this year and realized that my season opener was a little over a month away.  This weekend I checked back on the Root 66 site and the EFTA site to check back on their initial "preliminary" schedules and came to find that the first race was moved from April 8th up to April 1st!!

Questions immediately started flooding my head.... am I ready?  WILL I be ready?  I should probably stop the "heavy" lifting soon... but when?  And so forth.  And then comes the fact that my birthday is on April 2nd and Annie had mentioned getting tickets for the Celtics v Heat game at 3:30 on the 1st...

So, do I partake in birthday celebrations - possibly the last Celtics game "on" my birthday...  or do I race?

I think with the big 3 coming to an end sooner than later.... and our impending (probable) move, it will be the Celtics game and a delay to the start of my season.

Hey, I began my career last year at Winding Trails... may as well start season 2 there.

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  1. You could always do King of Burlingame and start your season in under 3 weeks.