Thursday, March 15, 2012

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So I "forgot" to post yesterday... sorry!  I didn't so much forget as I put it off to the morning... then I slept in (just a little) and didn't leave myself enough time to post as I had a parent meeting before school yesterday morning.... so that equals no post.  My bad.  I guess I have to get back into writing the night before.

So, yesterday I was supposed to tell you about my road rides.  Saturday Annie and I went to the "deeps," as Annie affectionately calls it.

Afterwards I DID have enough time to ride on the trainer.  Sunday was beautiful.  Decision time, do I head out to Wompatuck for a 20+ ride or do I get some pavement under my wheels and let Georgia out on the roads??  I opted to see what this carbon beauty could do on real hills (not just a training video simulation) and I was LOVING it.  Good thing I went the road route as at that point I wasn't aware of the HiFi's spoke issue.

Anyway.  Riding a road bike, for real, what's it like?  Crazy.  At first I was a bit "off balance" as those skinny tires felt sooooo very different then the big knobbies I'm used to.  Combine that with the feather weight of the bike, and of course the difference in body positioning, and it was a whole new world.  I quickly got over that and settled in for a ride.  Decided to hit up the Charles River as that had been an old faithful "crap weather" ride for me.  I got to what I had figured my half way point would be and I was dying for more.  So I pulled out the Igadget and mapped out a further loop.  Decent ride, got in 34.3 miles on a route I can certainly follow and expand upon in the future.  There was one sharp twisting decline that I was completely NOT ready for - wasn't sure my brakes were going to do the job as my hands were on the hoods... mental note - next time flip to the under bar grip for better braking action on a steep decline!!

Getting back into riding I never really had an interest in road riding... sometimes I would think of it fondly (around the time Harpoon does there Brewery to Brewery ride) and wish I had a sweet bike (and the legs) to join such an event, but most of the time I figured it would be a boring ride compared to the adventures of the dirt trail.  I don't know if it was the fact that I was stuck on a trainer listening to the same "coach" for 8 weeks, but riding Georgia on the roads was freaking outstanding!!  LOVED IT!  The lights, yeah they were annoying.  Traffic - well I'm sure it was lighter than a weekday, but I don't mind so much jockeying with traffic.  For the most part people were good about spacing (just one A-hole who decided the empty left lane wasn't his deal but 6 inches was enough clearance to give me) and I was happily surprised at how well cabbies did with bikers.  In one instance I was coming up to a green light and a cab coming the opposite way was looking to turn left.  He started to go for a second and I started shaking my head as I prepared to get on the brakes and he stopped.  I was really surprised that he didn't just floor it and go anyway.  It's nice when people are nice.

Monday - discovered the broken spoke - so I rush home, put the HiFi away and grab Georgia for round 2.  Had to be a shorter ride as I was now contending with the setting sun (thank you daylight savings for giving me the opportunity for an after work road ride) so I set out for the Charles again.  This time where I extended the loop on Sunday I cut up and back down through Cambridge.  I didn't want to follow the Charles so much as the Harvard side of the river gets packed with people and was a complete cluster F on Sunday. 

Rant time:  if you are visiting our fair city - welcome!!  Can I offer any help, directions, recommendations for dinner perhaps??  But PLEASE, if you do not speak English well enough to understand "on your left, behind you.... on your left... hello... your left.... hello!!" then please do not take up the entire bike path while strolling along our beautiful river way.  Hell, that goes for locals walking dogs... the picture should not be: dog extended on leash to far left of path, owners side by side in the middle, with other dog extended on leash to the right...  Common sense and courtesy people.  I do not expect to go full speed.  I am super happy to share the path with any and everyone.  I understand, and am ok with the fact that, slowing down, holding up behind you, and waiting for an opportunity to pass is all part of the game.  But, if we all navigated our world with a little common sense and decency there would be much better flow - in the streets, sidewalks, grocery stores, you name it!!

So back to the main objective... the plan is to hit only the city side of the Charles as there is better bike lane delineation on the path and less "strollers," and then take city streets back to and through the city.  Oh yeah, and of course on my rides I hit some Strava sections... too much fun!!  


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