Thursday, March 8, 2012


...don't work without batteries...  I was all set for my ride after work, excited even!  But in my rush to get everything together in the morning I left the battery pack at home...

The kids had a short day and we had meetings... until 3:30!! ugh (and yes, that is a loooong day for me - typically ending at 2:30).  So I quickly change, hop in the car (spilling my almonds as I drove to the trail) and get my gear set to ride.  I took off as quick as I could and realize I'm not wearing my HR monitor.... go back or just ride?  I ended up turning around to get it (more data to play with!!).

Head back out now tracking HR info to load into Strava (my new favorite toy!!).  I rode over at Foxboro because I had planned on riding into the darkness and know the trails well enough to ride at night there... failed that one.  So without a light I took off with an eye on the falling sun.  Got in a good ride, but a little shorter than I had wanted.

Strava.... what an amazing (yet frustrating) tool!!  I do like the "segments" in there that you can use to challenge yourself to push harder (a little "friendly" competition with any other rider who has ridden that segment).  I know there are a few segments in Foxboro, but I didn't think I was hitting any of them on my ride yesterday so I just rode.  When I loaded my ride I apparently had hit a (newly added) segment...  The unfortunate part was that when I hit the "top" of the climb (entering a parking area) I slowed amd just spun through to the next trail segment... taking a swig from the water bottle as I headed back into the trail.  The "top" according to the segment on Strava was a little ways back into the trail... so I destroyed my time for that segment unwittingly because I didn't 1. know it was a segment and 2. didn't realize where the end point was.  No big deal in the big scheme of things, just kinda hurts knowing I could have just pushed myself that much further before backing off...  there is always today!

And today (with temps in the mid/high 60s!!!) I will be riding.  Likely at Foxboro again.  Trails were in pretty good condition... only a few spots with snow/slush on the trail (which of course then means a few muddy spots) but overall the trail was firm and fast.  And I did find a new-to-me section of trail that was super tight and fun.  There is just so much in Foxboro I haven't gotten a complete loop going, I just kinda ride and ride until I'm done.  I have sections that I string together, but not a complete ride yet. 

Oh, and I made sure to bring my battery today.  May not need it as I'll be out of here at 2:30, but it's always nice to have in case things get extended on the ride.

Hope you are taking advantage of the weather as well!!

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