Friday, March 2, 2012

Does someone have a calendar?

Seriously... it's Friday??  Does not at all feel like a Friday, but I'll take it.

Late post, at work, so no video (they block EVERYTHING here).

I did go to the gym yesterday and did my late "official" weigh in... good thing I was a day late.  On Tuesday I did a preliminary weigh in and I was about a pound over my previous weight.  Two days later and I'm .6 under my previous weight.  Yay

(granted - that is .6 over a two week period (my last real weigh in).  BUT this did include a visit with friends including good(bad) food and too much drinking and no real exercise)

So it's a wash and I'm back on track now. 

Really can't believe it's Friday, or that it's March 2nd!!  First race in just over a month.... YAY/YIKES!

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