Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, you know how the other day I mentioned grabbing a stick between the wheel and derailleur... and everything seemed fine?

Well, yeah, it's not.  Nothing traumatic, but enough to be annoying.  As I was loading the HiFi on the pterodactyl yesterday (you think I would be able to spell pterodactyl by now, but no... 3 out of 4 times I spell it wrong...) I noticed a busted spoke.  The weather... high 60s/70!!  And no trail time...

Instead I went straight home and got some pavement under Georgia's tires (the roadie) for the second day in a row... but more about that tomorrow.

So today after work I guess I'll be going all "Mr. Fix-it."  Seems like a busted spoke is more of an annoyance than anything - saving the sealant, taking up the rim tape... replacing said spoke, retaping the rim, and resealing... a bit much "re" for my liking.


  1. If the nipple is still there just unscrew the broken spoke from it and leave the tire on.

  2. SWEET!! Big time save!! Thanks!