Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ride time!

This week has been GREAT! (even though today will be my first ride of the week...)

Sunday we got back from Connecticut with the puppies and I absolutely hammered it on the trainer.  I was completely done, but it felt good!!  It has been hard for me to gauge how "hard" I should have been going through each of the segments of the workout and stuff... working with "perceived effort" and a "1 hour power" as my gage for overall effort.  Each workout would leave my legs worked.  And I have certainly felt stronger with each subsequent training... so it's working.  I always wonder if I'm working to my max... 

I do have to remind myself to slow down at times though.  I'm still early in my racing career... hell, I'm even still early in just riding!!  So I have to allow myself time to ramp up, to hone my skills and get faster/stronger.  It's just so much damn fun I want to do it all!!!  But, I guess that isn't really a bad thing.... Fun is the key after all!!

Monday it was freezing, so I hit up the gym.  With the race season upon us I have to look at adjusting my workout routine to ensure I'm not fatiguing myself in the gym and thus deterring from the trails... so reps will increase and weight will decrease.  Tuesday I had School Council after school - so no ride time.  Today...  mid 50s!!  I've got my bike, gear, and my legs are dying to hit the trails.  Just have to figure out where to legally (with some March trail closures in effect) ride.

Tomorrow... mid/high 60s!!!  Ride ride ride ride ride!!!

I'm eager to start getting my roadie on the actual road and off the trainer... in preparation I got this....

yeah, I'm matching my gear with my bike, so what!!?

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