Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wounded Knee

No, I'm not talking about the book

Or the high flying Boston Celtic from my youth

(Did you make the connection??)

I'm talking about the tightness/strain in the back of my left knee.  Before my road ride on Sunday I boosted the saddle a little... and I'm thinking maybe I took it up a little too much??  Halfway through the ride I started feeling it in the back of my left knee, but that's it.  Not a sharp pain, just a "stretch" pain I guess.  I thought about stopping to lower the seat (which I should have done) but I didn't.  After the ride my knee was ok and I didn't think about it until Monday morning as I was walking up the stairs to head out to work.  I could feel the strain there.  Again, no "real" pain... just enough to let me know something was up.

During the day on Monday as I walked around campus my knee felt a little "loose" whenever going up an incline... but again, no real pain.  Having missed opportunities to hit the trails over the weekend, I ignored my concern about the knee and hit up Foxboro- hey, maybe more riding would make it go away?? 

Nope... right from the start I was aware of the strain back there... it seemed to go away as I rode, but every once in a while I could feel it....  blah.  What to do, what to do?  The weather this week is insane!!  high 70s yesterday... high 70s (if not 80s) today, and 80s tomorrow... are we sure it's still March??

Yesterday no ride time because of the knee in combination to Annie's trivia night, so straight home for the dogs.  Who, by the way, thoroughly disappointed me with their design ideas... apparently garbage looks better across the floor and on the couch and chair then it does in a garbage bag...  I couldn't believe it!!  I thought about taking some pictures of the crime scene - I mean, there were bottles on the couch!!  But I couldn't bring myself to visually documenting the total obliteration of our place by our lovely puppies... I almost had to question if a frat had broken in and had a rager!!  But, as all dogs quickly learn - their spoils are truly just spoiled.  In the garbage was remnants of sushi from the other night... although I found a bit of wasabe left alone in various areas of the floor, some must have been ingested (and from the #2s last night and vomit this morning I'd say it certainly had been).

Today I will be off the bike as well.... I have to stop in to either the LBS or the Home Depot to pick up some stem bolts anyway.  During my ride on Monday there was some creaking going on and I was guessing it was from the stem.  Yesterday (after my garbage clean up) I planned on flipping the stem anyway for a more aggressive stance and did notice one of the bolts already a little loose - probably the culprit for the creak... but in the process also noticed the rust going on with some of the bolts.  For fear of stripping them I am just going to go ahead and replace them. 

But the main reason for a no ride today is another adventure in Restaurant Week!!  Delicious food on the cheap!!  Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert for $33.12 - sweetness!!  Am I worried about the calories... a little.  But, and I'm sorry to have not been reporting on the regular, I'm doing pretty well on the weight loss side of things.  I'm about 3 pounds from my goal, with a total loss so far of 9.6 lbs.  I'm thinking that I'll probably shed a few more pounds after that, but we'll have to see.... some further loss may just be a natural by product as ride time increases with the season anyway.  But I do want to be mindful of not going too far and sacrificing power or strength at this point.

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