Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Was our trip to Charlotte a success??

Had a great time with friends - check
Saw some more neighborhoods in Charlotte that look good - check
Enjoyed the weather (even though the TSA agent leaving Charlotte asked where I was coming from in shorts... uhm, Charlotte??  Don't you know it's cold out there??) - check
Ate Drank too much - unfortunately check

I hit the gym yesterday and did a preliminary weigh in since I missed it last week (today will be my "official" weigh in) and I was not happy.  No loss since my last weigh in (which is now 2 weeks ago)... and in reality, a little gain.  I'm hoping by some miracle I'll at least be "even" today.  Whatever the result, it's back to the grind.

After the gym (which took forever because it seemed that no matter what exercise I was attempting someone was using the equipment I needed...) I hit up the grocery store.  I like cooking, I like cooking with onions and peppers...  But they had THE LARGEST red peppers I've ever seen.  So big I wouldn't know what to do with them - I could just imagine the wasted pepper... I hate wasting food!!  I got one... we'll make a pizza with a ton of red peppers : )

Red peppers... regular sized cucumbers...

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