Monday, March 3, 2014

All of the Free Stuff!!

Snake.3 is in the books.

What a truly amazing event.  It is a challenging course that will test you as an individual (both mentally and physically).  This type of trail is what I had always imagined a race course to look like - a trail that actually has technical aspects you have to manage while racing.  On a course like this, there was no shame in pushing your bike over/through stuff you couldn't ride.

I've got to give a HUGE shout out to all the people that made this event happen, 3 months in a row!!  From a racers perspective everything was flawless!!  Thanks so much!!

And, all the free stuff!!!  WOW!!!  Seriously!  On the way down for the final event my wife asked "you'll do anything for free stuff won't you?"  I'm not going to lie, I love me free race shirts.  But the Snake went WAY above and beyond in terms of freebies.  At first registration, a sweet long sleeve tee.  Second, we got an awesome growler.
For the final registration we got a vanity plate.... and after it was all said and done I got the coveted belt buckle!!

(Sorry I don't have a picture handy of the long sleeve or plate)

Ever since I was up in Massachusetts I had heard about the Pinhoti trail and wanted to get my tires all over it.  The Snake was the perfect chance to do that... and the belt buckle was all the incentive I needed to make it happen!!  

So how did the third race go?  If you asked me towards the beginning of the race or during the last couple miles my answer would have been very different than my answer during the middle of the race.... now that it is AFTER the race I will keep it simple.  I improved every race.

My finishing times from January, February, and March:

Seeing steady improvement from race to race when everything else was pretty equal is pretty damn sweet.  Bottom line, I just need to ride more.  I know that.  Even when I am riding "a lot", I need to ride more if we are talking about race prep.  But for where I'm at I'm happy.  My goal was to finish all three races and get myself a belt buckle, and that I did!!

I'm not one for tucking in t-shirts (or shirts for that matter when I can get away with it) but I was happy to tuck in (at least the front) as I walked around Athens Saturday night and Sunday.  

(side story) While in the elevator of our hotel in Athens I got asked "Are you from Daytona, or do you just have the shirt?"  I informed him that I was not from Daytona, that I "just had the shirt."  Hoping that guy looks for Dild's next time he is in Daytona.

Casual Friday at work will feature a sweet belt buckle!!  

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