Monday, March 24, 2014

too much fun?

This weekend was looking like I'd have two great days of riding.  Saturday was the Tour de Charlotte, and Sunday was the 49er ride - which was modified to a 51 miler due to a scheduled controlled burn.

I attended the tour last year and it was a BLAST, so coming back again this year was a no brainer.  This year's event, in my opinion, blew last year out of the water!  That is not to diminish last year's event in any way.  Instead it is praise to how much the Faster Mustache crew stepped things up this year in terms of bringing the new, the creative, and the fun to the riding and racing.

After the ride the fun continued... and for me continued on a little too long.  The end of the night is just a tad foggy, but let's just say too much fun meant I wasn't getting down to Augusta to ride the next day...

I've got tons of pictures to go through, so I'll likely string this out stage by stage.  But if you didn't make it out for the tour this year, then you best start planning for next year!!

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