Wednesday, March 19, 2014

plans... kinda backwards

So I've started planning... for August.  I've started sketchy out my roadtrip up to the very tip of Michigan for SSUSA.

What I haven't been paying attention to is this weekend... and my conflict, rather perceived conflict.

I've know that the Tour de Charlotte has been coming up - and I've been off and on looking forward to it.  Overall - I've been looking forward to it as it was a BLAST last year - even though I did end the day with helmet strips burned into the top of my dome...  Nonetheless, great event to which I instantly knew I would attend again.  Something about this year has been dragging - so when the date was first there I was down, without a thought - and there lies the problem.  I never paid attention to when it was.  It's this weekend.

Then I committed to a 49 miles ride down in South Carolina.... or Georgia... somewhere... trails and pavement(less) roads.  Sounds... "fun."  It's something Dustin is organizing, so I know it will be great.  Plus (something I think is a GREAT idea... Trailblazers pay attention) is that the ride benefits the local club!  $25 for a big ride with some support, to benefit a bike club - worth it.  This event is also this weekend.

So last night it dawned on me that there might be a conflict... jumped on the facebook to check the dates... Tour de Charlotte is Saturday... crap.  I think the 49er is Saturday as well.  Travel or stay local... local prevails.  So I let Dustin know the bad news....

And then he let me know some good news - 49er ride is on Sunday.  YAY... ugh... yay?  So mess around on Saturday with the Tour (party pace, beers, pictures, general shenanigans) and then an EARLY morning to get down for the 49er ride?  Or drive down Saturday night so my morning isn't so early as I am NOT a morning person...  Yup, calls for more planning.  And as we all know, planning is my JAM!

Try not to fall off the edge of your seat as you wait to see how this all pans out.

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