Monday, March 17, 2014

Kids are awesome

Sunday looked like it was going to be a rainy one - destroying many people's hopes of riding.  While I had pans to ride on Sunday, it wasn't on the trails.  My plan was to ride out to North Meck to help with the CYCL race, and ride home.  Then the weather became a factor.

Earlier in the week it looked like I would be able to ride out, and then race the weather home.  Then it looked like the race itself would be iffy.  Morning of the call was made that the race would be able to get underway before the weather had a chance to really impact things - by that time I already knew riding wouldn't be a fun option, so I hopped in the pterodactyl and got my but over there.  I was surprised by the turn out for the race.  The weather probably kept some away, but there was still a good group out there ready to go!  I spent some time socializing with local heroes like TheMutt, Good Guy Greg and Tom Tom before getting out to the course to help out.

Tom Tom and I picked a "sketchy" bridge to bridge transition section that could prove tricky to rides of all ages, especially as things got slick, to hang out at.  It is a section that I myself always have to pay attention to when riding at speed.  You come downhill across one wooden bridge, carry across some broken cement (to help combat erosion in that section) and take another wooden bridge at an odd angle.  Slick conditions and the odd angle could lead to disaster... so we were there to help if things went wrong for our young riders.

Instead, Tom Tom and I got to stand around and talk about upcoming "grown up" events as the youngsters took the section like champs!!  All the kids did great out there - seeing them race and have fun was worth standing around in the rain.

As conditions got worse, the older kids had their race cut down to just one lap - but I don't think anyone minded at all as it had turned out to be a miserable day (conditions wise).  Racers were still finishing with smiles on their faces - even if some teeth may have been chattering.  Overall it was a great event; music, bikes, hot dogs (on hamburger buns), and just that great vibe we've come to expect at mountain bike events.  If you've got kids, bring them out!  If you don't have kids, come cheer on these riders as they tear it up - it's better to get on their good side now before they start kicking our asses on the trails in a few years!  

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