Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Now what?

So my first big endeavor for the year is complete... belt buckle - CHECK!

Ok... now what?

So far I've been eating crap food since the race (finishing off peanut M&Ms, gummy worms, girl scout cookies, Andy Capp Hot Fries, you know, the youzhe*) so that has to stop.

*I guess that's how you'd spell the abbreviated version of usual... except when I spell it out in a way that you say it so it sounds like the abbreviated form of the word... it is actually longer then the word... so you are welcome for the extra effort.

Yesterday randomly got ass cold and it was freezing rain as I got back home to Charlotte... today was freezing as well when I left for work - so crappy eating and cold temps leaves motivation to jump back on some sort of fitness routine near minimal.

So I watched TV.

I have to seriously get a calendar out and plan the rest of my year.  We have so much stuff bike related and non-bike related coming up in the next couple months that I cannot keep it straight.  I've likely doubled, or even triple booked myself somewhere already.  So I need to straighten that out before it becomes a financial problem.  Aside from just getting my schedule straight, I have logistics to plan as well.  SSUSA - who knows that the hell is going to happen with that.  I think Michigan is an iceblock right now - will it even thaw by then, who knows??

Who knows where everyone else is on that trip as of now?  Some people are all wishy-washy about it, some people are straight moving across the country... might be a solo venture when it all shakes out.

Well, I'm not getting anywhere today other than trying to put my foot down to get organized and start formulating plans.  Oh, I suppose you should know this - I'm not much of a planner.  This should be interesting.


  1. If you can dodge a wrench, you can ride a singlespeed!! Fuckin'-A-right...I'm a-gonna still make it up there!!