Wednesday, February 26, 2014


1. My cog arrived yesterday and was waiting at the door for me.  Got the Glow Worm set up Ferris wheel style and ready to grind the Snake.3 this weekend.

2. We actually had a Tuesday night group ride yesterday!  The first lap was a nice pace and let me see just how nice the larger cog was at low speed climbing (social pace). I did have to play with saddle height as the EBB was completely different with the new set up - but sit and spin was all that was really needed that first lap. 
The second lap I picked it up a bit and things were still feeling good. Of course the spin out threshold is quite low with the larger cog, but the Glow Worm remains responsive through the tight and punchy. With the Snake being mostly up or down I don't have to worry too much about spin factor. 

3. Much fun was had after the ride. Fried banana peppers?  YES!  Narwhal on tap - SWEET!

4. All of this reminded me of one VERY important aspect of biking - riding your bike can erase your entire workday.  Oh how I've missed riding!  As the weather continues to improve, trails open, and the sun hangs out with us a bit longer each day I know the rest of the year will be all right. 

yeah... I don't know...

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